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NAME: Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees (ARCSE)a non-profit organization.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Association is to help its members keep in touch with each other and with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and its activities and to view conservation problems and programs from a Non-Governmental point of view so that the members may be better able to assist the conservation effort.



         To continue to support the concept of technically sound, multi-disciplinary approach through democratic processes for the conservation and use of all soil, water and related resources.

         To provide items of interest to and about members as may be available, including the exchange of ideas, activities and needs of the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) and NRCS retirees.

         To supply information whereby members, both individually and collectively, may encourage in appropriate ways soundly conceived and properly activated soil and water conservation programs at the Local, State, and National levels.

         To provide systematic communications through Newsletters and other media to keep members informed on present and potential soil and water conservation activities as carried out by the Natural Resources Conservation Service [NRCS].

         To suggest opportunities for members to take part in activities that will facilitate technically sound soil and water conservation for all land uses.

         To share experiences and opportunities among the members through encouraging participation in helping organizations such as SWCS, Conservation Districts, and Retiree Organizations in sharing complimentary objectives.

         To recognize that, as a result of information received, the members individually and collectively, may support or oppose existing or proposed programs that affect the soil and water conservation interests of the Nation.


MEMBERSHIP: Members shall consist of ACTIVE (Voting), AFFILIATE (Non-voting), LIFE (Voting--One time paid fee) and HONORARY (Voting--Over 90 years of age). Former SCS and NRCS employees who retired from the Federal Government are eligible for ACTIVE, LIFE or HONORARY membership. AFFILIATE membership is open to present employees, former employees of SCS and NRCS who are not yet retired from the Federal Government and to others interested in the purpose and objectives of ARCSE.


GOVERNING BOARD: The Governing Board shall consist of a PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT-ELECT, SECRETARY-TREASURER(or SECRETARY and TREASURER), a VICE-PRESIDENT from each of the four ARCSE Regions, and the immediate PAST PRESIDENT.


Much of the ARCSE business will be conducted by phone and mail. However, at least one ARCSE Business Meeting will be held annually. This is to provide the Board Members a chance to offer motions and discussions on the major issues that require approval by the Board. Minor changes to this Charter may be made by the Board, however, major changes must have the approval of a majority of members voting in a regular election, or in a special election, if called by the Board.


The Board Members shall serve a term of two years and take office immediately after the Annual Meeting.

ELECTIONS: In odd numbered years the President will appoint a Nominating Committee to develop a slate of candidates for election of all Board Members except the President, Secretary-Treasurer (or Secretary and Treasurer), and Past President. If a Board position becomes vacant a person to serve the remainder of the term shall be named by the President, with consensus of the Board. It may be necessary to name someone as Acting to serve until the Board can give approval. The procedure for handling the elections will be described in the ARCSE CURRENT OPERATING POLICES.


Approved by ARCSE Board, Oct. 2009


DUTIES: The PRESIDENT will communicate with members of the Board and will provide leadership for ARCSE activities.

         The PRESIDENT-ELECT will serve in the absence of the President and will work with the Membership Chairman in membership recruitment.

         The SECRETARY-TREASURER(or Secretary and Treasurer) will maintain the Official Records of membership and finances, plus other records as may be directed by the Board. This Board Member will receive and disburse Membership Dues and payments and manage any financial accounts of the Association.

         The VICE-PRESIDENTS for the four ARCSE Regions will be responsible for ARCSE activities within the states in their Region (See list below).   The Vice-President will help designate and work with State Representatives in the Region. The Vice-President, working with the Representative, will encourage ARCSE members to hold local, area and State meetings and gatherings to promote opportunities for retiree fellowship and discussions of matters of interest.

         The PAST-PRESIDENT will provide advice and recommendations based upon the experiences gained while serving as President.


ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS: The Board will designate an EDITOR, HISTORIAN, CHRONICLER AND MEMBERSHIP CHAIR. Their duties are outlined in the ARCSE CURRENT OPERATING POLICIES. In addition, they will serve as advisors to the Board and will receive compensation as determined by the Board.


DUES: Dues will be established by the Board to provide for communication, management, and incidental expenses of the Association. The ARCSE CURRENT OPERATING POLICIES will provide information on dues and honorarium.





Connecticut; Delaware; District of Columbia; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; New Hampshire;

New Jersey; New York; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Vermont; Virginia; West Virginia



Alabama; Arkansas; Florida; Georgia; Kentucky; Louisiana; Mississippi; North Carolina;

Oklahoma; Puerto Rico; South Carolina; Tennessee; Texas



Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Nebraska; North Dakota;

Ohio; South Dakota; Wisconsin



Alaska; Arizona; California; Colorado; Hawaii; Idaho; Montana; Nevada; New Mexico;

Oregon; Utah; Washington; Wyoming


    Rev. Oct. 2009