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The following operating polices are intended to supplement the ARCSE Charter and to provide guidance and detail for ARCSE activities.   This separate document allows for revision and review by the Governing Board at the Annual Board Meeting.


Dues- Dues are to be paid on a calendar year basis (Jan.-Dec.).   The annual dues will be $18 for a full year.   For those joining after the end of the first quarter, the dues will be computed at the rate of $4.50 per remaining quarter.


Starting Jan. 1, 2003 new retirees from NRCS will be eligible for a one-year free membership.   All that is required is that they submit a completed Application Blank.


Lifetime Membership dues will be tiered as follows:



One Time Payment

64 or younger


65 - 74


75 or older



Senior Conservationist- Any retiree who served in SCS or NRCS who meets these criteria will be named a Senior Conservationist:

††††††††††† ● Must have served in SCS or NRCS and be 83 years of age.
††††††††††† Must complete and submit the ARCSE Questionnaire.
††††††††††† †† Note--Retiree does not have to be a member of ARCSE to qualify.


Honorary Members- SCS or NRCS retirees who meet these criteria will be named an Honorary Member of ARCSE.   No dues required after being named an Honorary Member.

††††††††† Must be a Member of ARCSE.
††††††††††† ● Must be 91 years of age at the beginning of new dues year(Jan. 1).


Elections- The election of the Governing Board members will be held in the second year(odd numbered year) of the term of service.   The ballot for election of officers developed by the Nominating Committee will be included in the March Newsletter.   The President will count the ballots.   Election results will appear in the July Newsletter.

The ballot is to show the ARCSE Regions, a cut-off date (June 15), and provide for the signature of the voter.   Email ballots are acceptable but must include the voterís full name in order to be counted.

The Past-President will serve as the Nominating Committee Chairperson.   The President and Past-President will jointly select others for the Committee.


Support Activities- Board will designate those to serve in the positions of Secretary-Treasurer, Editor, Historian, Chronicler, and Membership Chair.   Those designated serve at the pleasure of the Board.

Secretary-Treasurer---Receives dues, maintains financial and membership records, keeps minutes at Board Meeting, and other related duties.

Editor---Receives news and items of information, prepares and arranges for the publication of the Newsletter in January, March, May, July, September, and November.   Information, to be used, must reach the Editor by the 25th of the month proceeding the month of issue.

Web Page Manager---The Web Page Manager is responsible for the content of the Web Page and for seeing that it is current and correct.

Chronicler---The Chronicler prepares the Senior Conservationist articles for the Newsletter and maintains the file on the Senior Conservationists.

Historian---The Historian maintains the historical record for the Association.

Membership Chair---The Membership Chair promotes membership recruitment, retention of members, and maintains the membership records, provides the addresses for the Newsletter, prepares an annual Directory, and maintains the Retirees Register.   Membership lists and mailing labels are also provided States and Sections as requested. [Note-Currently these duties are handled by the Secretary-Treasurer.]



If a Board or Staff position becomes vacant, a person to serve in that position shall be named by the President, with the consensus of the Board.   The exception is that if the Presidentís position becomes vacant the President-Elect automatically fills the position.

In the event a vacancy occurs on the Board or in a Staff position the following are designated to serve as back-up until the position can be filled:


Past President

Named by the President with consensus of the Board.


Replaced by President-Elect


Named by the President with consensus of the Board.


Named by the President with consensus of the Board.





Web Page Manager



Web Page Manager

Notes - Potomac

Named by the President with consensus of the Board.


Reserve Funds- Funds covering two years of operating budget shall remain in reserve.


Compensation- The Secretary-Treasurer will receive a monthly honorarium of $200.   The Editor will receive a monthly honorarium of $100.   The Web Page Manager will receive a monthly honorarium of $50. Honorarium will be paid quarterly.


Expense Reimbursement- Board Members and the Supporting Staff may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses(postage, copying, etc.) in connection with carrying out their assigned duties.


Travel Reimbursement- President, Past-President, President-Elect, Regional Vice-Presidents, Secretary-Treasurer, Web Page Manager, Editor and Awardees for Distinguished and Presidential Awards will be eligible for reimbursement of actual travel expenses, up to a maximum of $500, for attending the Annual Meeting.


Grants to States and Sections- ARCSE State and Sections may be granted funds up to $1 for each paying Member to help offset their costs.   [Retirees that maintain winter addresses may be counted in both of their states when calculating grants.]   Costs incurred for meetings, newsletters, and/or special recruitment activities qualify for a grant.   The ARCSE Representative must submit a request for these funds to the Secretary-Treasurer.   In addition some evidence of the intended use of these funds must be provided.   A copy of meeting notice, newsletter, etc. will suffice.   A State or a Section may not receive more than 2 grants.


Upon submission of a request, with support, the Secretary-Treasurer will then send the funds to the ARCSE Representative.

Special Incentives- ARCSE shall provide up to $500.00 annually to the Soil and Water Conservation Society to support student member activities related to the annual meeting. Supported activities may include grants for registration and travel expenses for student members in the vicinity of the meeting and/or a portion of the cost of any student member function at the meeting. SWCS shall provide a report to ARCSE documenting use of the funds.

    Revised March 2011