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North Vernon, IN - Camp IN-SCS-8: From CCC "cards", there was a CCC camp (IN-SCS-8) at North Vernon, IN in Jennings County.   Construction of the camp began on June 16, 1933, and field work began June 22, 1933.   Work was initially supervised by the Forest Service and staffed by Company 1514.   It was transferred to Soil Conservation Service supervision on April 1, 1935.   The camp was discontinued January 9, 1936.   But it was reoccupied on March 15, 1936 by Company 1599 from Bedford, IN (seems that sewage disposal at Bedford had become critical).   The camp was discontinued October 14, 1936.



Thanks to Barbara Overstreet Thomas for the following 7 pictures and information about her father.

General Leroy "Jack" Overstreet, was born December 28, 1917, in Grant County, KY.   Jack joined the CCC and was assigned to Company 1514 working out of the camp at North Vernon.   The camp was located 0.75 miles west of North Vernon.


The camp's entrance.


Company 1514.


A view of the camp.


The camp's Post Office.


Barbara's mother wrote on the back of the photo "This was Jack in the CCC Camp in Indiana, 17 years old in 1934".


Merry Christmas from the Company's Commander Lt. Dire.


Many of the men in Company 1514.


Thanks to Greg Martin, supervisor of Muscatatuck county park, for the following information.

Vinegar Mill State Park was adopted as Indiana's fourth state park in 1921.   The name of the park was changed the next year to Muscatatuck State Park.   During the 1930s the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) worked together to build many structures throughout the park.   The workers built the main road leading through the park with bridges, two stone shelters with fire places, and the stone steps at the river overlook area near Vinegar Mill.


Workers carrying rock to the shaping crew.


Workers cutting the rock to size.


Workers building ---.


Entrance road.


Wooden bridge.


Shelter house (picture by Thayer).


Shelter house (better look) (picture by Thayer).


Another shelter house.


Stone steps.


Little Shelter House during winter of 1987.


Fire Tower (probably built while the camp was supervised by the Forest Service).


Thanks to Kathy Montgomery, long time resident of North Vernon, IN and keeper of a CCC photo album, for the following:


Another view of the camp buildings.


The Army Officers in charge of administering the camp.


The Cooks.


The Soil Conservation Staff in front of their office.


The trucks ready to take the 'boys' out to work.


An Army truck used to do administrative chores.


An erosion control stucture.