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There were 113 camps in Pennsylvania. John Eastlake provided this photo which was taken by taken by D. J. MacDonald of Renovo, PA.


An aerial view of the very first PA camp which was in the Allegheny National Forest.


The following information was provided by Lee Schaeffer.


An aerial view of Camp Pine Grove Furnace (S-51-PA) (Company 329) in Carlisle County.


The following information was provided by Frank Resides.

There were 5 camps in Tioga County.   They were located near the towns of Leetonia, Watrous, Darling Run, Asaph, and Dixie Run.   The Asaph Camp got flooded by Marsh Creek and had a fire along with the flood, and was moved to Darling Run.


George Pryslak (pictured below) was born Sept 1919, and served at the Leetonia Camp (S-90).   George graduated from high school in 1937, and had to wait until his 18th birthday in September of that year to join the CCC.   He had two older brothers that were serving when he joined.


The CCC boys arrived at Cedar Run by train on a cold, rainy afternoon in the fall of 1937.   They were transported in trucks to the Leetonia site which was up the Slide Island Draft Road about 8 miles.   Everyone was soaked by the rain and were taken inside a building where a large pot-bellied stove was going.   George said "the steam came off their clothes as they dried near the stove."   The next morning the boys were assigned to various work teams.   The 1st sergeant noticed that George had taken typing in high school and asked if he would like to be the clerk for their unit.   George thought that might be better than going out in the rain, snow, cold, and wind.   So he became the clerk for a year, then supply sergeant for a year, and then 1st sergeant for 2 years which was when the camp closed.   Camp S-90 was open from May 1933 to Nov. 1941.


A sign near the Dixie Run Camp (S-138 - 1933-1937) reads "On May 30, 1933, 190 men of CCC Co. 384 arrived at the RR station in Blackwell (Blackwell is about 3 miles west of the camp site on Pine Creek).   They came to this site and set up Dixie Run Camp. Army personnel were Capt. H. Cassidy and 1st Lt. W. Withey. Forestry personnel were Superintendant V. Brion, Forman L. Spong, F. Kilmer, C. Lamberson, S. Strong, A. Clark, W. Urban, H. Housel, G. Morrison, and S. Wood. These men planted trees, fought forest fires, built parks, and miles of roads and trails in this area."   The camp closed July 1, 1937.




  The following information was provided by Diane (PA parks).

Camp S-73 (Company 309) was located near Parker Dam in PA and opened on May 6, 1933.   The CCC boys planted all the pines, built the roadways, spillway on the dam, CCC museum which originally had been the park office, and the picnic pavilions and cabins that visitors use.   They also built a dressing stockade that has since been removed.


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