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Coon Valley, WI - Camp WI-SCS-1:


Local Historian, Jon Lee provided several of the pictures and much information.


The Soil Conservation Service supervised 23 of the WI camps.  The first one was at Coon Valley in Vernon County which was approved during the third period (April 1, 1934 to September 30, 1934).  It was in the third Congressional District represented by Congressman Gardner Withrow.  Camp erection began May 2, 1934 and was completed on May 15, 1934 (in just 14 days).  Field work began on May 7, 1934 by Company 1697 which was a junior white company.  Field work ceased June 23, 1937 and the camp was discontinued on June 30, 1937.


The CCC Camp and the town of Coon Valley facing to the East.

Picture was taken by E.G. Holt on August 19th 1934.


The camp administrators


Each tent held three men.


Roll Call.


The more comfortable camp looking south.

To the very left, the tree and the long building can be seen in each picture.


Chow line at the mess tent.


Roll Call

Boys lining up in work details - getting ready to go into the field.

Taken by Warren Chase 9-24-34


John Peterson visited Coon Valley in 2007.

Hugh Hammond Bennet visited Coon Valley much earlier!

First government nursery was started on the Adolf Lee farm.


Nursery entrance


Limestone crusher

Prepares the rock so it can be applied to the farmers’ fields.

It lowers the pH of the soil so nutrients that plants need to grow are available.



I thank Barbara Jansen, Wisconsin USDA-NRCS Visual Information Specialist for the following article,

and a terrific 10 minute video produced by NRCS and WI Extension Service about Coon Valley.








One of the main gullies and a lateral.


Seven man crew.


Seventeen men with horses.  Now let's get to work!


Forms were erected in the gully getting ready for the concrete.


Pouring the concrete.


Pouring the concrete.


Five men at the inlet.


Proud of their work!


Ken with his bride.


Viroqua, WI - Camp WI-SCS-6:

Local Historian, Jon Lee provided the pictures and much information.

There was a camp about 7 miles west of Viroqua, WI which was opened Nov. 19, 1935 and housed Company 2610.


The camp


The Administrators


Ready to roll


The library


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