Where When
Washington, DC July 18, 2011
St. Louis, MO July 19, 2010
Dearborn, MI July 13, 2009
Tucson, AZ July 28, 2008
Tampa, FL July 23, 2007
Keystone, CO July 25, 2006
Rochester, NY August 2, 2005
St. Paul, MN July 27, 2004
Spokane, WA July 29, 2003
Indianapolis, IN July 16, 2002
Myrtle Beach, SC August 7, 2001
St Louis, MO July 11, 2000
Ft Worth, TX August 1993

National Annual Meeting in Washington, DC    July 18, 2011

The 2011 ARCSE Board Meeting.

Left to Right -- Seated
Owen Lee, Web Manager;   Gus Dornbusch, Past-President;   Ida Cuthbertson, VP South;   Tom Badger, President;
Mark Berkland, President-Elect;   Ron Marlow, Secretary Treasurer;   Marc Safley, Chronicler
Left to Right -- Standing
Jerry Richard, VP West;   Mike Nethery, Editor;   Norm Kempf, VP Midwest;   Warren Lee, Future President;  
Arnold King, VP South; and   Cecil Currin, VP East

National Annual Meeting in Dearborn, MI    July 13, 2009

The 2009 ARCSE Board Meeting.

ARCSE Board Members 2009 � Left to Right -- Cecil Currin VP EAST; Rich Duesterhaus, Immediate Past President; Gus Dornbusch, President; Tom Badger, President-Elect; Ron Marlow, Secretary Treasurer; Mike Nethery, Editor; and Jerry Richard, VP West

Retirees visiting before the luncheon � Foreground -- Joe Branco, Jerry Richard, Mark Berkland, Mike Nethery, Arnold King, and Cecil Currin. Background left � Neil and Eleanor Bogner; right � Ron Marlow and Byron Nolte.

Ron and Cindy Lauster visiting with Joe Branco; Background -- Tom Badger and Scott Wagner

Bill Fude emcees the luncheon.

Gary Lee, Michigan State Conservationist, speaks at the 2009 ARCSE Annual Luncheon.

President Gus Dornbusch with award winners Fred Schuetz and wife Jane and Neil Bogner and wife Eleanor.

National Annual Meeting in Tucson, AZ    July 28, 2008

The ARSCSE Board of Directors:    (L-R) Rich Duesterhaus, Ida Cuthbertson,
Mike Nethery, Gus Dornbusch, Tom Badger, Neil Bogner, and Jerry Richard
The views in Arizona are breathtaking.
Just imagine Cochise and his buddies riding around those same Saguaro Cactii!!
ARSCSE's, Gus Dornbusch, coordinates with Peggie James from SWCS and Arlen Lancaster from NRCS
Bill Hunt visits with Gus
Gus discusses the banquet with Verne Bathurst
Mike Nethery gets the chance to chat with Ken Cooksen
The emcee for the Banquet was Verne Bathurst
Gus presents the
President's Award for Outstanding Community Service
to Bill and Colene Hance
It was to recognize them for outstanding efforts in the prison ministry in the Nebraska, service of the Lincoln Chaplaincy Corps and on a mission to Russia to assist individuals to learn English using the Bible as a textbook.
Dinner guests: (L-R) Bob and Joyce Bird and Rose and John Lowery
Dinner guests: (L-R) Jerry Richard, Earl and Julia Norton, and Ida Cuthbertson
Dinner guests: (L-R) Ida Cuthbertson, Neil Bogner, Karl Klingelhofer

National Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL    July 23, 2007

The ARSCSE Board of Directors:     (L-R) New President Gus Dornbusch,
Jerry Hytry, Ida Cuthbertson, Rich Duesterhaus, and Bob Eddleman.

Incoming President Gus Dornbusch (center) with NRCS Chief Lancaster (left)
and LaRae Baker (right)
The whole group:
Front Row from left - Buell Ferguson, Earl Norton, Maxine Quilliam, Chief Lancaster, Jacqueline Ferguson, Tom Pointer, Linda DiPietro,
Marie Davis, Sue Halstead, LaRae Baker, Jerry Hytry, and Roger Howell.
Back Row from left - Bob Halstead, Bob Quilliam, Cecil Currin, Niles Glasgow, Unknown, Maurice Mausbach, Mark Berkland, Irv Ross,
Gus Dornbusch, Bill Austin, Ida Cuthbertson, Bob Eddleman, and Rich Duesterhaus.

The 2007 President's Award for Outstanding Community Service went to George J. Newberger.   It was in recognition of outstanding service to nursing home residents, hospital patients, and for service to the University of Akron, the Dahlia Society, the Ohio Bluebird Society, and to his church.

Neil Bogner presented statistics on membership:

National Annual Meeting in Keystone, CO    July 25, 2006

The ARSCSE Board

President Rich Duesterhaus

Banquet host Duane Johnson

The Campers

The Roths

The Andreuccettis

The Dornbuschs

National Annual Meeting in Rochester, NY    August 2, 2005

The ARSCSE Board Meeting started the activities for the day.   President Eddleman got the meeting started promptly at 8 AM. Board Members present were:   President, Bob Eddleman;   President-Elect Rich Duesterhaus;   Vice-President Midwest Gus Dornbusch;   Vice-President East Graham Munkittrick; and Sec.-Tres. Neil Bogner.

The agenda for the Board Meeting covered a full range of items.   Some of the major items and actions were:
1) Action items identified at last years Board meeting were reviewed and found to be satisfactorly completed during the year.
2) The Treasurer�s Report shows that ARSCSE is in excellent financial condition.
3) Bob Eddleman reported the results of the election, and the new slate of officers can be found on the officers web page.
4) Bob also reported on the selection of two award winners for this year - Ralph Gray, OH and Dan McCain, IN.
5) The board expressed appreciation to Editor Nethery for adapting new software and finding a new printer for copying.   The "per copy cost" has decreased.
6) The membership report showed that the Complimentary Membership is proving to be a valuable recruiting tool.

ARSCSE Banquet:
The ARSCSE Annual Meeting closed with a Social Hour and Banquet in the Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.   Many thanks to Judy Baker and others who helped make the local arrangements.   The 42 attendees heard SWCS President, Jean Steiner, speak about SWCS and ARSCSE relations.

Paul Dodd (left), who was NY State Conservationist for many years, served as Master of Ceremonies for the banquet.   He first introduced Fred Gilbert (right), retired New York State Soil Scientist, who gave the invocation.

Paul then introduced the current New York State Conservationist, Joe Delvechio.
Joe greeted the group and extended a welcome to New York.   He briefly described New York and the variation in agriculture and in NRCS activities.   He finished by handing Neil a check which made him the newest member of ARSCSE.   Thanks Joe!

President Bob Eddleman gave the attendees a �state of ARSCSE� report, noting that our membership is holding steady and that we are financially sound.   Paul introduced NRCS Chief, Bruce Knight, who gave an up-date on NRCS activities and personnel changes.

President-elect Rich Duesterhaus announced this years Outstanding Community Service award as President Robert Eddleman presented the award to Ralph Gray, a 36 year veteran of the Soil Conservation Service and a resident of Troy, Ohio.   Ralph has served as a volunteer at the former Stouder Memorial Hospital.   He has provided over 2300 hours of service to the Upper Valley Medical Center Auxiliary, including terms as president, editor of the newsletter, as well as helping to raise funds and build programs for the center.

He has also served over 45 years in Sertoma, a service club that promotes better speech and hearing. He has served as President and Club Secretary. He has assisted the Club in purchasing hearing testing machines and hearing aids and in providing speech therapy for children with speech difficulties.

Ralph has served as Treasurer of the a community service organization - FISH, since 1990. The all volunteer organization provides emergency assistance such as food, water, prescriptions, heating gas, rent etc. to those in need.

He also has served on his local Church Council several times. He has been a Sunday School teacher, served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and has been on the Pastor Parish Relations committee.

Ralph and his wife Betty have been recognized by the Troy Chamber of Commerce. He received the State of Ohio Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000 from Ohio Sertoma and continues his work in support of his community.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This years President�s Award for Community Service is Dan McCain of Delphi, IN. Dan retired from the Soil Conservation Service (SCS), USDA�s natural resources agency in 1994 and on that very day signed on as an SCS Earth Team volunteer and became a full-time volunteer worker. His major volunteer activity has been the restoration of the Wabash and Erie Canal through the Carroll County and the City of Delphi.

His efforts toward improving his community have been many and varied. He has served in leadership roles for many not for profit organizations, including Delphi Historic Trails, Wabash River Heritage Corridor, Bands of the Wabash and the Museum at Prophetstown State Park. He currently serves as President of the Carroll County Wabash and Erie Canal Association.

Under Dan�s Leadership and with the support and leadership of many others, three miles of the Canal have been restored and seven miles of historic trails for hiking, walking and education opportunities have been developed. There is now a 12,000 square foot, $2.5 million Canal and Interpretive Center, including a museum. People from 25 states and 123 Indiana cities and towns have enjoyed the exhibits to date.

A fellow Delphi resident said of Dan in his nomination for the award, �He has provided tireless leadership, persistent dedication, and outstanding judgment to see the project through to completion, yet is quick to credit others for a museum that has been described as �outstanding�. He is responsible for mobilizing a group of dedicated volunteers who continue to share their time and talent in the best spirit of community pride. During regular work days, he has brought people from all walks of life and interests to assist in the cause of celebrating the area�s heritage and preserving its health by developing trails for hikers, bikers and persons interested in out-of-door activities.�   Dan�s contributions are tremendous, but his infectious enthusiasm really inspires a team effort. And the effort continues. The Canal Association's next big effort is to construct a replica canal boar, dock and storage warehouse, all on the water level of this historic transportation system. And we expect that Dan will continue to play a major role.

Just before adjorning the meeting, Bob Eddleman passed the presidency to Rich Duesterhaus who will serve for the next two years.

Now everyone can start looking forward to next years meeting in Keystone, CO from July 22 to July 26, 2006.

National Annual Meeting in St. Paul, MN    July 27, 2004

The ARSCSE Board Meeting started the activities for the day.   President Eddleman got the meeting started promptly at 8 AM. Board Members present were:   Bob Eddleman, West Vice President and Editor Mike Nethery, Vice President Midwest Gus Dornbusch, Sec.-Tres. Neil Bogner, President Elect Rich Duesterhaus, and Past President Tony Vrana.   Joining the Board for most of the Meeting were:   ARSCSE State Representatives Tom Badger, KS;   Marlene Mechelke, MN; and Larry Tornes, OH. (Mike Nethery is State Repr. for UT along with his other duties.) Also joining the board for part of the meeting were Members Vic Ruhland and Bill Brune and Associate Chief Tom Weber.

The agenda for the Board Meeting covered a full range of items. Some of the major items and actions were:
1) The items identified at last years Board meeting were essentially all completed during the year.

2) The Treasurer�s Report shows that ARSCSE is in excellent financial condition.

3) Eddleman announced that JoAnne Thiele, Lincoln, NE was the President�s Award recipient for 2004. JoAnne�s record for community service since her retirement from SCS is outstanding. In addition to all of her charitable work she also finds time to do a special job as the ARSCSE Representative for Nebraska. Gus Dornbusch reported that since JoAnne could not attend this meeting her plaque was presented at a gathering of retirees in Lincoln.

It is always time to begin thinking about nominations for next year. It is not a hard job to write up a deserving person, just a page or 2 on what they are doing for their community.

4) Since there may be a question on whether NACD can continue to print the Newsletter Editor Mike Nethery has been researching other sources. A final decision on this matter will not be made until after the September Newsletter is printed by NACD�s new contracting out process and the costs are available. The importance of the Newsletter to the Membership causes this to be a very critical item.

5) The membership in ARSCSE now stands at 1344. This is up slightly from last year. Much of the gain can be traced to the new membership class, Complimentary Member, approved at the Board Meeting last year. Seventy new retirees took advantage of this new class.
Concerns were expressed by the Board and by the State Representatives present over the difficulty in getting new retirees to join. The difficulty in learning of retirements was listed as the major hurdle in being able to reach the new retirees.

6) The Board expressed their appreciation and thanks to Web Page Manager Owen Lee and to Chronicler Linda DiPietro for the excellent job they did over the past year. The Web Page has become a valuable asset for ARSCSE. Linda�s chronicles are a very special part of each Newsletter. There are now over 360 Senior Conservationists on the roles so Linda has a fertile field to search when preparing her chronicle for the Newsletter.

7) Lee Shields prepared an ARSCSE brochure. The Board accepted the final draft, with a couple minor changes, and it will soon go to the printer. Copies should be available in a couple of months.

8) Paul Newcombe was asked to make a review and assessment of the financial and membership records and systems. He reported that the system is in order and sound. He did offer several suggestions for organizing and protecting the files. The Board has acted on them and the needed changes will be made.

9) Perhaps the most newsworthy action by the Board was agreeing to develop a process by which funds can be made available to the State Representatives to help them in holding meetings for retirees, printing a newsletter, etc. The dollars to be made available will be based upon the ARSCSE Members in the State or Section. The actual process will soon be developed and made available to the State Representatives in a short time.

ARSCSE Banquet
The ARSCSE Annual Meeting closed with a Social Hour and Banquet in the Ballroom of the Radisson Riverfront.
SWCS President Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant spoke to the group during the Social Hour.

Bill Brune (right) served as Master of Ceremonies for the banquet and kept the evening moving and on a light plane.

There were 53 attendees. This number included former SCS Administrator Mel Davis and his wife, Marilyn.

State Representatives introduced were: Folsche, TX; Howell, MI; Tornes, OH; Smith, IL; Mechelke, MN (local arrangements chairperson); Nethery, UT; Peterson, DC and Badger, KS.

Minnesota State Conservationist Bill Hunt greeted the group and extended a welcome to Minnesota.

President Bob Eddleman gave the attendees a �state of ARSCSE� report, and then he introduced NRCS Chief Bruce Knight.

Chief Knight gave a briefing on NRCS and especially the reorganization that is taking place in the Agency. He made available copies of the reorganization outline.

This was a very special Annual Meeting and the local ARSCSE retirees (especially Bill Brune, Marlene Mechelke, and Vic Ruhland pictured to the right), the SWCS organizers (especially Jody Ogg), the Radisson, and the City of St. Paul all deserve our sincere thanks for making it so special.

Now everyone can start looking forward to next years meeting in Rochester, NY, July 29-Aug. 4, 2005.

National Annual Meeting in Spokane    July 29, 2003

The board meeting was called to order by President Vrana at 8:00 AM.
In attendance and left to right in the picture were:   Sec.-Tres. Neil Bogner,   President-Elect Bob Eddleman,   Chronicler Linda DiPietro,   Vice Pres-W and Editor Mike Nethery,   President Tony Vrana, and   incoming President-Elect Rich Duesterhaus (not pictured).

Election Results:
President Vrana reported that Duesterhaus would be the new President Elect following this meeting.   He reported that all incumbents were re-elected.   The contests were quite close.   There were 661 ballots cast, including 193 via Email.

Vrana suggested the following changes in the balloting procedure:
1) The ARSCSE Regions need to appear on the ballot.
2) A cut-off date for counting needs to be shown.
3) Email voters need to provide their full name.

Minutes of 2002 Meeting:
A motion was made to accept by Nethery, 2nd by Eddleman, and it passed.
Two �Action Items� from the 2002 Minutes were not completed.   They were:
1) Development of brochure for ARSCSE.
2) Digitizing of ARSCSE materials.

Treasurer�s Report:
A discussion of the Associations resources led to a request to put a portion of Legg-Mason savings into a CD to increase interest income.
A motion was made by Eddleman to accept, 2nd by Nethery, and it passed.

Spokane Meeting Update:
Jerry Richard was involved with golf tournament and could not attend.
Bogner reported the assistance of Jerry Richard was outstanding.
Special assistance was provided by local retirees and their spouses at the ARSCSE desk.
Also, Assistance from Nancy Herselius, SWCS, was very good and complete.

Editor�s Report:
1) Nethery reported that he usually has plenty of information for the Newsletter.
2) Vrana indicated that the �Editors Notes� are an important part of the Newsletter.
3) Nethery suggested that Owen Lee, on occasion, provide material for a Web Page article.
Bogner reported the Newsletter costs for the past 6 months.
NOTE- Since the meeting Bogner checked the printing and mailing costs of the Newsletter and Directory and found the cost to be about $7/yr/member.
Total Newsletter costs (including Editor, etc) about $8/yr/member.

Historians Report:
Discussion of this report led to the recommendation that ARSCSE make an effort to have closer relations with NRCS.

Web Manager�s Report:
Discussion indicated those present are pleased with the Web Page and Lee�s efforts to keep it current and for the continued expansion of the page.

Membership Report:
The following actions were proposed.   Vrana suggested that individuals be permitted to providing a voluntary bio that could be placed on the Web Page.   It was agreed that Lee would need some assistance in controlling the volume and format of these bios.

Senior Conservationists Activities:
DePietro reported on her work since taking over as Chronicler.   She made a major effort to get the files in order and now has active and deceased files.   After starting out writing chronicles on the eldest Senior Conservationists she is now mixing in unusual or special Senior Conservationists.   She likes to get subject to review proposed chronicle and provide feedback.   All agreed the content and format is excellent.   Bogner reported that as of the end of the FY there are now 361 Senior Conservationists and that 44 were named during the year.   From the 44 there were 12 new Members.

ARSCSE-SWCS Relations:
Eddleman reported that relations with SWCS are excellent, especially with Nancy Hersilius, for this Meeting.   ARSCSE was given excellent coverage in the program for the Meeting.

New Business:
Printing of Newsletter:
Nethery confirmed that NACD printing shop in League City, TX will be closed as of 12/31/04.   At least this is the status at last report.   Duesterhaus reported that the NACD Website carries their full restructuring plan but that data on the League City component is limited.

Getting New Members & Name Change:
Vrana initiated a discussion on changing the name of ARSCSE.   His concern is that the present name tends to inhibit NRCS and others from becoming members.   There was a fairly intense discussion on this subject with views from nearly everyone present.   Some of the key points made were:
1) SCS in title inhibits NRCS retirees.
2) A name change will require a vote of the Members to change the charter.
3) The original intent of the founders was SCS retirees. (Clearly they did not anticipate a name change for the Agency.)
4) By keeping SCS in the title we are �living in the past.�
5) If name is changed so that there is no agency designation, how could retirees relate to Association.   Present Membership, Senior Conservationists, and other SCS retirees want SCS in the title as recognition of Agency.
After the discussion it was agreed that:
1) President Eddleman would make the first step in this matter by including in his Newsletter article a note that the Board had discussed this matter and would seek feedback from the Membership.
2) That no action would be taken by the Board at this time.

New Members:
The discussion on this subject led to the following items:
Eddleman will write to all SR�s.   In this letter, he will stress the importance of their position and urge them to maintain close contact with their State NRCS Office.   He will also urge the SR�s to identify potential Senior Conservationists.   This is a fertile field for new members.
Bogner reported that he and Owen Lee had discussed the possibility of offering new retirees a complementary 1 year membership in ARSCSE.   It was discussed at some length.   A motion was made by Eddleman and 2nd by Nethery that this be done.   Motion passed.
As a part of this discussion it was proposed that the Chronicle items be published on the Web Page after they are published in the Newsletter.

Technical Support Providers:
Bogner reported that Larry Clark, NRCS, broached this subject and inquired at the role ARSCSE might play in meeting the demands for this action.   Clark is to get back to Bogner on this subject.   When Clark responds on this subject Duesterhaus will be involved.
As an indication of how ARSCSE is getting retirees involved Bogner reported on 2 activities that have taken place over the past couple of years.   The National Pork Producers Council came to ARSCSE several years ago in search for assistance to help them make evaluations of producers environment control plans.   By working together, ARSCSE was able to provide the NPPC with names of engineers and others that could assist in this effort.   A good number of retirees were hired and have and still are working on this program.
Currently Bogner has been assisting EMS,LLC in locating SCS/NRCS retirees to assist in the development of Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP).   To date 80 retirees (98% SCS/NRCS retirees) have been trained in their sessions.   Another class is scheduled for December and it is over subscribed.   An additional class is being considered.   Agronomists, soil scientists, engineers, and others are needed.   The approach this time was for Bogner to write a letter to the State Representative and notify him that EMS would be contacting him/her.   At the same time it was pointed out that ARSCSE was in support of this approach since it could provide retirees with an opportunity to earn money and to utilize their discipline skills.   The only limitations noted have been a lack of computer skills and a reluctance to accept newer technology on the part of some retirees.

Annual Banquet:
The 2003 Banquet was held in the ballroom of the DoubleTree Hotel.   There were 101 retirees and spouses present.   Stan Hobson (pictured here), ID State Representative, was the master of ceremonies.   Mike Nethery offered the invocation.   The excellent meal of steak or fish was enjoyed by all.

Hobson recognized Jerry Richard, WA State Representative, for the excellent job he did in making local arrangements not only for ARSCSE activities but also for the Western States Golf Outing.   And he thanked the golfers for joining with other retirees at the banquet.
Introductions were made of the ARSCSE officers, State Representatives that were present, Past Presidents, and the 4 Senior Conservationists that attended (Nelson, Roberts, Nurmi, and Bennett).   Mr. Roberts and Mr. Nurmi are pictured here.   Mr. Bennett is pictured below as an award winner.

Myron Senechal, Pres. SWCS, provided an up date on SWCS.
Tom Weber, NRCS, provided news of NRCS.

Bob Eddleman in conjunction with Tony Vrana read the citations and made the Presidential Awards.   The recipients were DeWayne Williams on the left with his wife Freddie from Texas and Jim Bennett with his wife Lee from Ohio.
President Vrana closed the meeting with a brief status report on ARSCSE, on the Board Meeting, and on his term as President.

National Annual Meeting in Indianapolis    July 16, 2002

The day started with a meeting of the board of directors who are pictured from left to right:    Tom 'Rocky' Rockenbaugh (VP - South), Gus Dornbusch (VP - Midwest), Tony Vrana (President), Bob Eddleman (President Elect), and Neil Bogner (Secretary - Treasurer).

The Board discussed the following business items:
  1. Minutes of last year's meeting were approved.
  2. The treasurers report was also approved.
  3. We expressed our apreciation to Charlie Gossett, state representative for Indiana, for doing an outstanding job making arrangements for this years celebration.
  4. Jean Francis is looking for a replacement editor for the newsletter which comes out six times per year.
  5. Distribution of an email message on months when a newsletter is NOT distrbuted was approved.
  6. Owen Lee agreed to get an estimated cost to transfer our historic newsletters and picture album to a CD that could have numerous copies made and distributed.

In the early afternoon, we met at a reception and enjoyed cookies, cokes, a conservation slide show, and a visit from the new chief of the NRCS.

The banquet was attended by over 70 members and guests.   Tom Weber, Associate Chief of the Natural Resource Conservation Service was the keynote speaker.   Another highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the first annual president's award for community service.   There were three winners:

Robert L. Donahue has logged over 14,500 hours as a volunteer at Community Hospital in Syracuse, NY.   In presenting the award, Association President Tony Vrana of Seward, Nebraska commented,   �Now in his 86th year, Bob still logs an average of 12 hours each week at the Hospital.�   United Way in Central New York recently recognized Mr. Donahue as the Volunteer of the Year for the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.   He is a member of the board of Directors of the Community Hospital Auxiliary and has served as treasurer and Legislative Chair.   He created a financial system to maintain and monitor the Axillary�s diverse fundraising and community service programs.   He also calls on his accounting background to help the Hospital in its financial activities.   Valued for his honesty, integrity, skill and reliability, Bob is a highly respected member of this corporate team.   Mr. Vrana concluded,   �New York benefited from Mr. Donahue�s devotion to natural resources conservation and continues to benefit from his deep devotion to people and helping them through their suffering.�

Eli Bloom from Indianapolis, IN was recognized for his outstanding community service.   In presenting the award Association President Tony Vrana stated,   �Eli believes in hands-on involvement and giving back to the community.�   He leads by example and is very dedicated to people and the environment in the Indianapolis area.   Mr. Bloom's long list of community service includes 30 years of service to the Nora Community Council, Washington township Fire Departments Contributions Fund, Inc., Heslar Naval Armory Board, Hoosier Heartland Resource Conservation and Development Council, Indianapolis Wet weather Advisory Committee, the Indianapolis Stormwater Technical Coordinating Committee, the Advisory committee on Combined Sewer Overflows and the Indianapolis Greenways Development Committee and many other community related efforts.   He is also an active Earth Team Volunteer, providing over 600 hours of volunteer service to the Natural Resources Conservation Service.   Mr. Vrana concluded,   �It is rare to find an individual who is willing to give so much of their time to voluntary efforts year after year.�

Dr. Roy Grizzell from Monticello, Arkansas for his outstanding community service.   In presenting the award Association President Tony Vrana commented that �Dr. Grizzell is a doer, not just a passive person.�   An active Lions Club member, Dr. Grizzell has been involved with countless service projects and has served as District Governor and as Chairman of the Arkansas Council of Governors.   He is a charter member of the Catfish Farmers of America and served on the Board of Directors.   He is a member of the Advisory Board of the University of Arkansas School of Forestry and has been an Adjunct Professor at the College.   Locally he was an active member of the Drew County Equalization Board and served as its chairman.   He is the current chairman of the Drew County Historical Society.   He is always doing what he can to promote his hometown and its many assets.   Mr. Vrana concluded,   �Arkansas benefited by Dr. Grizzell�s contributions to natural resources conservation and is still benefiting from his daily contributions.�

Pictured below, on the left, is Dr. Roy Grizzell with his wife and on the right is Eli Bloom and his wife. Robert L. Donahue was unable to attend.

National Annual Meeting in Myrtle Beach    August 7, 2001

The day started with a meeting of the board of directors.

Pictured here from left to right:
Neil Bogner, Ted Ifft, Graham Munkittrick, Tony Vrana, Bob Eddleman, Gus Dornbusch, Tom Pointer, Tom 'Rocky' Rockenbaugh, Owen Lee, with Bob Halstead seated in front.

Every two years new board members are elected.   This was an election year, and the hard fought battles, extensive fund raising, and all the negative campaigning was finally over.   All of the oponents patched up their differences and went home friends.   We thank Ted Ifft (East VP), Tom Pointer (South VP), and Mike Schendel (Midwest VP) for their outstanding leadership in representing their regions, and look forward to socializing with them in the future.   We welcome the new Vice-Presidents, Graham Munkittrick (East), Tom Rockenbaugh (South), and Gus Dornbusch (Midwest) on board.

At the annual Board meeting, several important actions were taken including:
  1. Minutes of the year 2000 meeting were approved.
  2. Linda DiPietro was appointed as the new STATESMAN chronicler replacing Mel Cohee.   Linda currently works for the NRCS in Madison, WI.
  3. New award policy and procedures were adopted.   There will be two categories for awards.   The Distinguished Service Award will remain and a new ARSCSE President's Award for Outstanding Community Service will be added.   Details concerning selection procedures can be found under the charter section of this web page.
  4. A new working agreement with SWCS to encourage ARSCSE members participation at future SWCS meetings was adopted.
  5. Charlie Gossett, state representative for Indiana and President elect, Robert Eddleman, will head up planning for the 2002 meeting in Indianapolis.   Tentative date of ARSCSE banquet is July 16, 2002.

In the early afternoon, there was reception, a time for the guests to relax and exchange stories of the 'good old days', brag a bit about current exploits, and tell some GOOD jokes.   The abundance of 'out of this world' chocolate brownies and cookies put the guests in a festive mood!

Do you get the feeling that the wives were not interested in talking about conservation, baseball, and cars!

After the reception, we relocated to the 16th (top) floor of the Wyndham Resort Hotel where the socializing continued with a happy hour, dinner, and the annual meeting.   The Dunes Banquet room had an ocean view on three sides with excellent food and food service.   The local meeting planners sure picked a great spot - many thanks to Nancy Patterson, Gerald Welsh, Lee Shields, and Bob Halstead!

Some of the Guests

The evening "Annual Banquet Meeting" was a success.   The banquet was attended by 68 members and guests.   Tom Pointer was a great emcee.
  Bob Kohnke provided the invocation.
  The golf tournament was enjoyed by all of the players.   However, we did hear some complaints that the space on the scorecards for recording strokes were a little TOO SMALL for the numbers!   Gus Dornbusch won the closest to the pin competition.

The meeting concluded with Bob Halstead passing the duties of President over to Tony Vrana.   Bob did an outstanding job during his term as president.   That is evidenced by two memorable annual banquet meetings, an INCREASE of funds in the treasury, informative newsletters, a new World Wide Web Site, and an overall smooth operation.

    THANK YOU Bob Halstead !!!!!

Lots of fun and lots of business, please try to join us next year in July in Indianapolis.   Also, mark your calendars for the Spokane meeting in July of 2003!

National Annual Meeting in St Louis    July 11, 2000

The day started with a meeting of the board of directors.

Pictured here from left to right:
(front row)Mel Cohee, Mike Schendel, Linc Gallager, and Bill Brune.
(back row)Tony Vrana, Mike Nethery, Ted Ifft, Bob Halstead, Tom Pointer, Neil Bogner, and Owen Lee.

At the annual Board meeting, we took several important actions including:
-Appointed Neil Bogner as Secretary/Treasurer of ARSCSE
-Appointed Owen Lee as official Web Master for ARSCSE webpage
-Agreed to sponsor official Hugh Hammond Bennett recognition at 2001 meeting of ARSCSE/SWCS
-Appointed Mike Schendel (Vice President Midwest) and Charlie Gossett (State Representative Indiana) to study Distinguish Service Award criteria
-Appointed Past President Bill Brune to chair 2001 nominating committee
-Asked President-elect Tony Varna to take on membership duties for remainder of this year and report to Board if this should become a duty of future President-elects.
-Agreed that President Bob Halstead and SWCS past president Dennis Pate should examine ways to make attendance at future SWCS meetings more attractive to our members.
-Appointed South Vice-president Tom Pointer to head up planning for 2001 meeting in Myrtle Beach, SC from August 4-9, 2001.   Tenative date of ARSCSE banquet is August 7, 2001.
-Discussed plans for a golf tournament to be held the day before annual meeting in Myrtle Beach.
-Recognized that our membership increased by 130 new members and that the number of members dropping out was the lowest in years.

The Engineers, Geologists, and Architects luncheon and recognition headed up by Hugh Curry was attended by 81 folks who heard a presentation by
Richard Van Klavern, current NRCS, Director of Engineering.   President Bob Halstead gave special thanks to those 65 engineers who joined ARSCSE as a result of this gathering.   He also found it to be a real treat to speak to this group, about ARSCSE, and also to be able to compliment them on their outstanding contributions in protecting this nations natural resources.   Pictured here are the last 5 directors of the engineering division with the dates they were director.  
From left to right are Neil Bogner (1974-1981), Don Basinger (1981-1989), Gerry Seinwill (1990-1994), Robert Shaw (1994-1995), and Richard Van Klavern (1996-present).

The evening "Annual Banquet Meeting" was a great success.   The banquet was attended by 125 members and guests.   The local arrangements headed up by Mike Schendel were excellent and everything ran real smooth.   In addition to just visiting we heard excellent updates by Pearlie Reed Chief NRCS, Danny Sells Associate Chief NRCS, and Dennis Pate President SWCS.
Two final items of business were a special "Thank You" to Linc Gallager for serving as Secretary/Treasurer of ARSCSE for 17 years.   He definitely left us "in the black."

Then it was my privilege to present Neil Bogner the ARSCSE Distinguished Service Award.   It was a complete surprise to Neil and richly deserved.   It was only the fourth time this award was presented.   Linc was one of the prior recipients.


Lots of fun and lots of business, please try to join us next year in Myrtle Beach.   We plan to honor the Plant Science disciplines at our 2001 meeting.

National Annual Meeting in Ft Worth, TX    August 1993
Bonnie and Lee Shields
Dan and Betty Holmes
Elaine Vrana and Alice and Joe Turelle
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McMindes
Jim Bennett, Mrs. Quintin Patterson & Bill Brune
Jon Vrana, Norm Berg, and Chuck Abdulla
Linc and Joe and Alice Turelle
Linc with Quintin Patterson
Norm Berg and Charles Abdulla
Sue and Arnold Davis
Tom Shiflet, Vernon Hicks, and Whitey Spears
Mike Nethery and Gene Andreuccetti
Neil Bogner, Rich Deusterhaus, and Galen Bridge
Tom Pointer and Rich Deusterhaus
Norm Berg, Homer Taft, and Tony Vrana
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