FROM: M. J. SPEARS, 13924 HINSON RD, LITTLE ROCK, AR. 72212, 501-227-5793

This will be our 22nd consecutive annual meeting. The date is September 27 and the place is the Femdale 4-H Center. Cost will be $ 16 per person. Coffee and drinks will be available prior to the meeting in the kitchen, beginning at about 9:30. We will convene about eleven for a business meeting and program and will eat at noon.

How many have attended all our meetings or how many have you attended? Many of you have been very supportive and I am most appreciative. We have talked about doing some calling to urge attendance, but I am not sure we have done a good job of this. Let's give this a real try this year. We do need more in attendance, especially the younger ones. Some of you are getting old (I joined the Senior Citizens group this year-83 years)

You know our meetings are designed for maximum fellowship, but we do have a program each time. This year State Conservationist Kalven Trice has agreed to provide our program, updating us on NRCS conservation activities in the State. In July we visited in Colorado, VIA Oklahoma and Kansas. I really enjoyed going through part of the "bread basket" of our country. I have never seen so much good looking corn. I saw a lot of good conservation work-terraces, great waterways, stubble on the ground and some nice contour farming. BUT, I also saw a lot of bare ground ready to blow, potential waterway areas with gullies, and areas needing terracing and contour farming. My point-there is still a lot to be done in the conservation field. The need will always be there in all States, as long as we want good food and water. I am sure Kalven will be stressing this. We need to stay abreast.

Like always, I want to urge you to consider joining our National Association of Retired Soil Conservation Service Employees. Cost is only $ 12 per year. You receive six newsletters annually. This letter updates the National Agricultural scene and other items of interest, plus there is news from other states describing what retirees are doing. I find it very interesting. I will have necessary forms for joining at the meeting.

Also, I continue to need your help for contributions to our National Newsletter. We need to let others know we are active-working, traveling, doing church work, and other community activities. Jot down some of these things you are doing, does not have to be sensational, and bring to the meeting with you. Long hand is fine. Do not be bashful.

The 4-H Center has some new rules. We still have to guarantee a number for the meal, but we have to do it a week in advance. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR CHECK, MADE TO ME, BY SEPTEMBER 20.

Best wishes to all…