Jim Wesoloski, ARCSE Representative

Not much excitement to report on from the conservation retiree community in Massachusetts. Three consecutive days over 100 degrees; gardens are all planted; Hadley asparagus has run its course for the year; local corn, strawberries, and blueberries are available; and the federal retirement checks keep coming. Isnít it a great country?

The town of Amherst is busy re-routing traffic and causing delays near the NRCS state office as they construct two round abouts near Atkinís market. Some say the dual rotaries are barbell-shaped while others call them dumbells.

On May 4th a group of retirees gathered at the Route 9 diner for our quarterly breakfast that was ably convened by Mark Zinan, retired SAO. Iíll probably forget someone but Iím thinking that the group included Doug Brown (contracting officer), Rudy Chlanda (geologist), John Kick (ASTC), Nancy Sheard (engineering tech.), Carl Gustafson (SCE), Dave Nelson (ASCE), Frank Wilda (contracting officer) , Dennis Verdi (civil engineer), and Jeff Anliker (ASTC). It was fun getting together with other retirees.

Reports from usually reliable sources indicate that Cecil Currin, our East region ARSCSE vice president, has a new 2012 Nissan Altima that he plans to break-in with a road trip with Lou to the ARSCSE annual meeting in Fort Worth in July.

Another report surfaced that John Kickís garden in Amherst was recently visited by a black bear and her cub. John was successful in using his wildlife management knowledge to get the bears to high-tail it . Weíve been seeing more and more really wild wildlife coming into the Valley and making life more exciting.