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P.O. BOX 4534, TEMPLE, TEXAS 76505-4534       August, 2010
Mid-Year Edition

The 2010 meeting of the SCS/NRCS Reunion was another one of our "best yet" meetings. We had about 145 former SCS/NRCS employees, family and friends who met on April 20-21 at the Schlitterbahn Resort in New Braunfels. This was the 17th consecutive meeting and the weather was excellent. Larry Butler chaired the meeting. Arnold King conducted the Memorial Service and Van Johnson provided the program. Arnold will assume the chair for next year’s meeting. Beade Northcut will be the chairman for 2012.

Don Gohmert, State Conservationist-Texas gave us an update on what is happening within the agency. Don reported that in April of this year, SCS/NRCS celebrated its 75 anniversary.

This year, we granted one $2,000 scholarship to Paige Graves (Texas A&M). To date, we have awarded 27 scholarships valued at $34,000.

Golf Tournament
There were 10 participants in the Golf Tournament with Mike Black taking the leadership. The tournament was played at the Landa Park Golf Course.

2011 Reunion
Dates for next year are April 19 & 20, 2011 (Tuesday and Wednesday) at the Schlitterbahn Resort in New Braunfels. Please mark your calendar NOW for this meeting and begin to make plans to attend. This will be year number 18. We will follow the usual format, arriving on the 19th, with dinner on your own. The 20th is the big day with breakfast in the pavilion, visiting and a brief memorial service and lunch in the pavilion followed by the raffle. We generally adjourn by about 2:30 p.m.

The following deaths of retirees have been reported since the last reunion:
Glyndon J. Adams, Rex Baugh, Pat Bone, Melvin Chapman, James (Jim) Cunningham, R.E.(Bob) Daniell, Dorothy DeFord, Jerry Harlow, Gene Jones, Al Pace, George (J.D.) Payne, Albert C. Scott, John Steele, and Dwain Ward.

The following are deaths that had not been previously reported in the newsletter:
Fred Boles, Charles Pat Cowsert, Randy Edward English, Thurman Fancher, Robert Harrison Fowler, Leland H. Giles, Alford G. Kinsey, Berniece Powell, Terry Smith and Carl Wood.

The following deaths of spouses have been reported since the last reunion:
Thomas Colwell (Spouse of Lela), Oyce Owens (Spouse of Alfred) and Kathy Freeman (Spouse of Roy).

Memorials and Contributions
The following memorials include:
James Abbott in memory of Ralph Cole, Jim Coover, Herman McGill and George Davis. Charles Thompson in memory of Robert Hovel. Billy Griffin in memory of Dean Isaacs, Melvin Chapman and John (Jack) Stelle. Fort Worth Alumni Club in memory of Myrtle Lawhorn. Carol Holcombe in memory of Ed Holcombe. Nelton Salch in memory of Elgin Smith. O’Gene Barkemeyer in memory of Johnnie Bohuslav, Ralph Cole, Ed Holcombe, Herman McGill and Arthur Bell. Doug Lowe in memory of Martha Lowe and Ed Thomas in memory of all those deceased during the last twelve months.

Other Contributors Include:
Robert Arhelger, Wilson Scaling, Lise Carter, Baker Davis, Ed Janak, Julius Lyons, Wilson Moon, Richard Heizer, Ida Cuthbertson, Earl Blakley, Dick Folsche, Jack Bradley, John Jackson, Susan Andrews, Glen Black, Mrs. Jack Foshee, Lynnda Gentry, Margie Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Fred Pringle, Marty Thompson, Mary Wenberg and Warren Proctor. Members of the Planning Committee were honored with a monetary gift from Jiggs Walker. All decided to donate the contribution to the Scholarship Fund.

Senior Conservationists
If you are age 83 or more and would like to be recognized in this category by the Association of Retired SCS Employees, please let us know and we will assist you in getting on this roster. Write to us at PO Box 4534, Temple, Texas 76505 or call (254)778-1584 or e-mail

The Raffle
Thanks to all who faithfully provide the beautiful items for the raffle. This activity is the backbone of the scholarship program and, in addition, provides funds for operating expenses and reduces the cost of the meeting. Also, thanks to all who consistently "come through" with the money to purchase the items. Let’s see if we can do it again in 2011!!! This year we had 63 raffle items that raised $3,500 from the raffle. This is a record amount.

Raffle Items
Marion Porter would like to hear from all who would like to contribute items to the 2011 raffle. Please contact him so he will know what to expect. Phone: (214) 793-9642 or ( ). It will make his job much easier if we have LOTS of volunteers.

Tax Status
The Texas SCS/NRCS Reunion has been approved for tax exempt status from the IRS. This means that contributions are tax deductible in accordance with current law. We can provide you with receipts at your request. Send your requests to The Reunion PO Box 4534, Temple, Texas 76505, ATTN: Glen Black.

Address Changes
Please help us reduce mailing cost by providing us with any address changes. The only way to keep the address file up to date is by the returned mail at each mailing OR by your prompt notification of your address change to us. Also, if we do not have your correct address, we cannot mail you a newsletter!

We are still working to make better use of e-mail to keep you informed and save postage. Thanks to those who have provided current e-mail addresses to Mike Woodson. If you have not previously furnished your e-mail address or it has changed, please e-mail it to Mike Woodson ( If you do not want the newsletter e-mailed, let Mike know.

Special Thanks
Our thanks to the Schlitterbahn Resort for their special attention to our group and for their contribution of items for the raffle.

Our thanks to Agricultural Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Company for underwriting the printing and mailing of the Spring newsletter. Special thanks go to Mr. Marcus Hill, the directors and staff for their help.

If you would like to keep up to date on the National happenings, you can find excellent information on the ARSCSE website (

We need volunteers to replace some of the folks who have carried the load of this organization for some 17 years. It has been fun, but there is a reality to this and that is we need some younger blood to help keep us afloat for the future. There are several of us that would be more than willing for someone to "step up to the plate". If you would like to help, just contact anyone on the committee and we can guarantee you a very rewarding experience.

Planning Committee for 2011

Chair 2011 Arnold King 817-578-8177

Chair 2012 Beade Northcut 254-662-5192

Glen Black 254-780-1611

Michael Bogard 254-865-6685

Larry Butler 817-504-1604

Lynnda Gentry 254-879-3718

Rhett Johnson 817-579-1649

Jim Lewis 254-982-4386

Joe McEntire 817-842-5915

Don Newman 817-294-2832

Barbara Perritte 903-693-1450

Marion Porter (home) 972-563-5908

Rick Rodriquez 254-771-2334

Frank Sprague 254-386-8482

Charlie Thompson 254-778-1584

Marie Wallace 254-939-2462

Mike Woodson 254-772-4493


The plannng committee met in January and arrangements are made for our annual SCS/NRCS Reunion. The dates are April 20 and 21 and the place is Schlitterbahn Resort. The Schlitterbahn Resort is a wonderful setting along the Comal River in New Braunfels.

Arrival and registration is on Tuesday, April 20. There is plenty of time for visiting prior to dinner on your own. A golf tournament will be held for the golfers and hackers on Tuesday afternoon. (see details on the registration form). Wednesday, April 21, is the big day with breakfast in the pavillion followed by several hours of time for visitation. A Memorial Service remembering those who have passed during the past year will be held prior to lunch. Following lunch is our annual raffle. The raffle is the source of our very successful scholarship program. Providing scholarships is our primary purpose. There will be a variety of raffle items this year and everyone that participates has a chance to take home something nice and know they have contributed to the education expense of a deserving student.

Aside from our primary purpose of providing scholarships, a great benefit we all receive is the fellowship with other retirees. If you worked anywhere in Texas, whether at any of the centers in Fort Worth, the State office, or at the field level, you will see friends and folks you knew over the years. You will also meet new friends. This is not an agency oriented meeting. All previous positions and GS levels are gone, we are all equals with equal voice. Whether you have never attended a reunion or you are here every year, please be there and help make this reunion a memoriable and enjoyable time. You will find sharing of stories from the past and catching up with the present will be worth your trip. Bring family members or guests as they are always welcome.

On behalf of the entire planning committee, we are all looking forward to seeing every one at this year’s reunion.

Please note:
We are now exempt from Federal Income tax under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Individual members can deduct donations, contributions, and memorial gifts made to the SCS/NRCS Reunion. If you desire a receipt for such giving, please contact us through our mailing address or request one from our registration table during our annual meeting. (2) We will be able to claim exemption, in accord with the law, for items purchased by the organization using our tax ID number.

Reservations for Schlitterbahn Resort:
A block of rooms have been reserved at the Schlitterbahn for our group. They will accept reservations for any days during the week if you desire to remain longer. The rates are $70.00 per day plus tax. You will need to make your reservations directly with the Schlitterbahn Resort. The telephone number is (830) 625 2351, extension 3599.

Make your reservations early and avoid a wait for an operator. There are numerous other motels in New Braunfels if you choose to stay elsewhere. Also, there are RV parks available.

Registration Form: The registration form accompanies this letter. Please fill out the information and return to us no later than April 14th, 2010. It is very important to us financially, to have an accurate count prior to the meeting. Why not complete the information now and mail it early. We will make refunds (less $5.00) for cancellations by April 14. No shows cannot be refunded since we have already obligated the money.

2010 Golf Tournament The golf tournament will be held at the Landa Park golf course, in New Braunfels, Tuesday, April 20. PLEASE SEE THE DETAILS ON THE REGISTRATION FORM.

Scholarship Winner Our grand total for scholarships now stands at $33,000 dollars.

The success of our scholarship program, memorials and contributions is credited to those that make contributions of items and to those that bring their cash to try to win some very neat things in the raffle.

Recent Retirees: CONGRATULATIONS AND WE WELCOME YOU TO THE SCS/NRCS REUNION. Richard L. Bennett, Stinnett; John G Childress, Dalhart; James A. Cox, Rising Star; Mark P Donet, Alpine; David W. Gregory, Comanche; James A. Griffin II, Klondike; Kirby L. Griffith, Nacogdoches; David M. Guest, Dalhart; James A. Hluchan, New Ulm; Michel E. Howard, Martindale; Paul D. Holland, Kingsland; Michael A. Lampe, Hearne; George Martin, San Augustine; Charles Melton, Temple; Jimmy Myers, Silverton; Daniel D. Ratliff, New Braunfels; Marsha Redwine, Temple; Gary E. Rogers, Quanah; David A. Sikes, Aspermont; Vincent R. Sisneros, Temple, Charles W. Snowden, Linden; James A. Stevens Nacogdoches; Janet L. Williams, Robstown. (Please note, you get free registration this year) We welcome you to a fun time in New Braunfels.

In Memoriam
The following names have been reported as deceased since the last news letter.

Billy G. Simpson, Johnnie Bohuslav, Ralph Cole, James R. Coover, George T. Davis, Irene Ingram, Hugo Bryan, Herman McGill, George Hazlewood, Elgin Smith, Kenneth Voss, Wilson Walker.

Spouses: Jenny Nichols, (Joe).

Recent Contributors:
Dorothy Marks, memory of Ed Holcombe; Charles & Emagene Haenisch, memory of Arthur Bell, Edward Holcombe, Jack Stevens, Connie McQueen, Martha Lowe, Joe Coughran; Ed and Mary Thomas and Billy Griffin, in memory of Edward Holcombe; SCS/NRCS Alumni Club in memory of James Coover; Bernard Mask in memory of Jack McFerran; Mrs Ruth Hovel, in memory of Herman McGill; Ann and James Cunningham, John Burt, scholarship fund.

The Association of Retired SCS Employees hosts a web site. The address is and this web site has excellent information and is worth a frequent visit.

Address Changes: If you have an address change including 911 address changes, please notify us by note, e-mail or telephone call. This will help us save postage and assure you that you will receive a newsletter. (254 778 1584) or

Current Planning Committee:
Mike Bogard, (254) 865 6685; Lynnda Gentry, (254) 879 3718; Rhett Johnson, (817) 579 1649; Glen Black, (254) 780 1611; Jim Lewis, (254) 982 4386; Joe McEntire (817) 842 5915; Don Newman, (817) 294 2832; Barbara Perritte (214) 782 9634; Marion Porter (972) 563 5908; Frank Sprague, Charlie Thompson (254) 778 1584; and Marie Wallace (254) 939 2462; Mike Woodson (254) 772 449, and Dr. Larry Butler (817) 504 1604, will be incoming for 2010. You may contact any one of these or write us at PO Box 4534, Temple, TX 76505.

You might want to remember that we have NO elected officers and this committee serves on a volunteer basis and would be happy to add anyone who is willing to help. We desperately need new volunteers if we are to sustain this activity. It is fun and rewarding so if you have a desire to help let us know.

Directions to Schlitterbahn:
From I-35 exit # 189 (SH 46/Loop 337) go west on Hwy. 46/Loop 337 to Common Street. Turn Left on Common, go to Union Street, turn left on Union to West Lincoln, and turn right on Lincoln. The entrance to the Schlitterbahn Rapids is on the right about a block.

Raffle Items: If you have an item for the raffle please notify Marion Porter as soon as possible. His phone number is listed above. Marion is anxious for many good raffle items and this helps our scholarship program tremendously.

SPECIAL REQUEST Our raffle has been successful because of your contributing raffle items and also for your buying raffle tickets. Marion Porter, our raffle chairman for all these 16 years. (972 563 5908) What a great guy to promote and keep the raffle alive. As many of you recognize, this is our BIG project to help fund the very successful scholarship program.

NOTE: Free registration for first time attendees and recently retired employees.

NOTE: If for any reason you do not wish to receive this newsletter, please let us know by contacting us by mail, telephone or e-mail. We will place your name on an inactive list.

Our special thanks to AGRICULTURAL WORKERS MUTUAL AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY, Mr. Marcus Hill, Directors, and staff for underwriting the printing and mailing of this newsletter. We are grateful for this help.