The drive to Rochester was beautiful from all directions.   For the southerners like Owen Lee
from VA, Highway 15 north of Harrisburg, PA runs along the Susquehanna River for many miles.

Neil Bogner and Pat McCormack
welcome guests as they arrive on Monday.

Judy Baker (seated left)
with Gus and Donna Dornbusch.
President-elect Gus Dornbusch thanks Judy for helping make the local arrangements.

Members of ARSCSE board that attended the meeting.

President-elect Gus Dornbusch, Past-president Bob Eddleman,
SWCS President Jean Steiner, and President Rich Duesterhaus.

Rose and Paul Dodd.   Thanks Paul for emceeing the banquet.

Senior Conservationist, Frank Hutton, attends with daughter Cynthia.

Betty and Ralph Gray (OH) receives award from President Bob Eddleman.

Brad and Barbara Higgins (NY).

Phyllis and Gene Pate, NC.

MA State Conservationist, Cecil Currin (left), with Dick Folsche, and Christie and Hank Wyman.

Letember McDowell, Unknown, and Brooke McDowell.