ALABAMA - - April 21-23, 2009

   Pictures from Bob Halstead

The Lodge

The Winning Shopping Team!

(Left-Right) Bill Richards and Ernie Todd

Frank Scudder and Doug Hawkins

Bob and Sue Halstead

Billy Milliken and Barbara Garrett

Peggy Todd and Ellen Norris

Ernie and Peggy Todd - - Co Host/Hostess

The "That's the way it used to be group"

Billy and Betty Milliken

Alabama Lake Sunset

Hershel and Barbara Reed

Erlene Lingle - Co Hostess

Winning Golf Team

All of us

The Ladies Attending

Mary Nell Scudder, Shirley Klumpe and Peggy Todd

    Pictures from Bob Halstead

(Left-Right) Coy Garett, Wes Oneth, Ernie Todd, Richard Myers, Jim Mitchell, Billy Milliken, and Frank Scudder


(Left-Right) Craig Right and Ernie Todd

(Left-Right) Sue Halstead and Mo Munkittrick

(Left-Right) Sue Halstead and Bennie Martin

(Left-Right) The Reed's

(Left-Right) Bennie Martin and Coy Garett

(Left-Right) Ed Nelson, Rocky Rcokenbaugh, Whitey Spears, and Bill Austin


(Left-Right) Mo Munkittrick and Sue Halstead

(Left-Right) Billy Milliken, Glen Murray, Frank Scudder

(Left-Right) Sharon Calhoun, Ernie Todd, Nora Akley

(Left-Right) Norma Woods, Sharon Calhoun, Don Bivens

(Left-Right) The Griffin's

(Left-Right) The Treadway's and the Bivens'

(Left-Right) The Rockinbaugh's and the Hick's

(Left-Right) The Murray's

(Left-Right) Dave and Eleanor Grimwood

(Left-Right) Ernie Todd, Dave Grimwood, Eddie Wood, Frank Scudder, George Norris, and Billy Milliken

(Left-Right) J. and Craig Right

(Left-Right) The Norris's