Phillip's Flagship Restaurant - - Thursday, October 2, 2008
Wayne Maresch (pictured to the left) organized and hosted yet another luncheon for retirees living near the Potomac.   After Wayne asked God to bless our meeting, he invited us to help ourselves to the world class seafood buffet.
Tom Christensen (pictured to the right) from NRCS updated us on current affairs at the agency.
He talked about:
1) recent personnel changes,
2) Farm Bill rule making,
3) the budget,
4) use of $390,000,000 EWP funds in Midwest on flooding from hurricanes,
5) streamlining planning so field staff can use larger percent of time in the field,
6) how funds are being distributed to states by formula based on resource base,
7) development of a rapid watershed assesment to distribute financial assistance.

The meeting concluded with Rich Duesterhaus, representing the ARSCSE Board, presenting an award to Owen Lee.   The award read "IN SPECIAL RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO ARSCSE MEMBERS BY CREATING AND MAINTAINING AN EXCELLENT WEB SITE"