Thirty-five retirees gathered for a “Reunion of Minnesota SCS/NRCS Retirees” on September 18, 2012, at the Legion Club in Waite Park, MN.   Everyone enjoyed a lunch of Turkey and Ham, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, and Coffee.   On behalf of State Conservationist Don Baloun, Julie MacSwain, Public Affairs Specialist, gave retirees an update on the status of the new program to improve Minnesota’s water quality by accelerating voluntary adoption of on-farm conservation practices.   All retirees introduced themselves and guests and shared some good memories.
Row 1: Larry Pollard, Bonnie Pollard, Kay Breitbach, Char Harms, Marlene Mechelke, Justin Jeffery, John Schmidt, Harvey Sundmacker, Vic Ruhland

Row 2: Richard Harms, Robin Martinek, Meg Schmidt, Kevin Adelman, Al Giencke, Bud Finney, Steve Sellnow, Mike Appel, Mary Jane Reetz

Row 3: Dave Breitbach, Nancy Christensen, Rick Christensen, Barb Strus, Greg Tennant, Larry Stephens, Erling Jacobson, Lois Jacobson, Curt Nordaune, Jim Ayres, Doug Christenson, Paul Bridgland, Lawrence Streif, Wayne Oak

Not pictured: Fred Kollmann, Pete Strus

Fred Kollmann, Dave Breitbach

Kevin Adelman, Mike Appel, Al Giencke, Larry Pollard

Larry Stephens, Wayne Oak

Marlene Mechelke, Lawrence Streif, Jim Ayres

Curt Nordaune, Justin Jeffery, Paul Bridgland, Greg Tennant

Greg Tennant, Robin Martinek, Mary Jane Reese

Erling Jacobson, Dave Breitbach, Richard Harms

Harvey Sundmacker, Kevin Adelman, Steve Sellnow

Meg Schmidt, Bonnie Pollard, Kay Breitbach

Justin Jeffery, Rick Christensen, Char Harms, Rich Harms, Bud Finney

Al Giencke, Vic Ruhland

Barb Strus, Pete Strus

Lawrence Streif