North Carolina retirees are attempting to identify all the World War II veterans who worked for SCS/NRCS in North Carolina.   So far, 56 have been identified, 20 of which are living.   We have a list of 90 other people who may have served in World War II.   These Veterans had distinguished service in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Army Air Corps and from Europe to South Pacific.   The eleven veterans in attendance at our 2008 annual picnic are pictured below.   They are from L-R:   Phillip Murray, Julian McIntyre, Roland Wadsworth, Eugene ‘Jake’ Hopper, Robert Horton, Sr., Robert G. Jessup, Grady Wise, Edward Brewer, Arlie Culp, Everett Barefoot, and Lawrence Matheson.

Joseph Philip Murray – Army Air Corps, 1st Lt, 1942 - 1945, B-24 Pilot with 13th Air Force in South Pacific.   Stationed at Guadalcanal and Morotai (off coast of New Guinea).   Flew 42 missions.   One of the targets for several of his bombing missions was the Japanese fuel depot in Balikpapan, Borneo.   Received Distinguished Flying Cross.

Julian McIntyre – Army, March 1, 1945 - November 30, 1946.   Trained at Fort Know, KY in Armored Division.   After the war, served in occupation of Japan in HQ 526 Quartermaster Corp.

Johnnie R. "Roland" Wadsworth – Coast Guard, 1942 - 1944.   Served on USS Storis, Ice Breaker in North Atlantic escorting ships from St. Johns to army bases in Greenland.   Encountered numerous enemy submarines and airplanes.   His battle station was on the flying bridge with three other men.   One man was shot from a plane who dropped his antiaircraft gun on Roland’s head.   Roland was in hospital from February to last of July and then was honorably discharged.

Lawrence Matheson – Army, 32nd Infantry, Combat Engineers, March 13, 1943 - February 26, 1946, South Pacific

Robert E. Horton, Sr. – Army, Tech. Sgt., Medical Laboratory Technician, 29th Evacuation Hospital.   Served in South Pacific and Japan

Robert G. Jessup – Navy, NROTC Ga. Tech. 5/20/1943 - 10/24/1945, Asst. Eng. Officer on USS Casablanca (Small Aircraft Carrier) in Asiatic Theater and American Theater, 10/20/45-6/10/46

Grady L. Wise - Army, 2nd Lt. went to water purification school.   Then went to OCS, and was assigned to a Glider outfit until he was injured and later received an honorable discharge due to injury.

Edward O. Brewer - Army, Staff Sgt. 1943 – 1947.   Served in England and France in Depot Co.   After war, served in Germany with the constabulary force (Civilian Police).

Arlie Culp – Navy Aviation, 1944 - 1946.   Served on Patrol Bomber in Atlantic.

Everett G. Barefoot – Army Air Corps, 1943 - 1945, Gunner on B-24.   Flew 21 missions out of England to Germany.   Was training for B-29 for South Pacific when war ended.

Lawrence Matheson – Army, 32nd Infantry, Combat Engineers, March 13, 1943 - February 26, 1946, South Pacific.

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