Pictures and captions by Jim Culver
Joe Kuenning, Chairman of the Lincoln Soil Conservation Service Retirees Breakfast Club successfully gets our January 19th, 2005 meeting off to a good start.

Left to Right: Henry (HANK) Mount, Dave Langemeier and Chris Chapman enjoying the January meeting. Hank, a new member, recently retired as a Soil Scientist at the National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, NE.

Norm Kempf, Vice Chairman (standing) making an announcement on need for volunteers to assist with our annual April evening banquet.

Left to Right: Wayne Liesemeyer, past Chairman and Paul Smith Chair of the SWCS Foundation discussing potential scholarship applicants.

Left to Right: Keith Myers, Dick Johnson, Bob MacLauchlan and Lou Buller participating in the February meeting.

Left side of table: Don Hoppes, Bob Pollock and Don Williamson discussing current activities during the February 16, 2005 meeting.