Pictures and captions by Jim Culver
Breakfast Meeting in Lincoln, NE - July 19, 2006

Gus Dornbusch, President-Elect - now President of ARSCSE, Mike Stout, former Director of the Midwest MNTC getting a briefing from Warren Lynn on the recent World Congress of Soil Science in Philadelphia, PA that he and his wife Arlene attended.

Pass the coffee -- Left to right, Mike Stout, Warren Lynn, Russ Schultz, Val Bohaty, Joe Kuenning, Bob Koerner and Norm Helizer holding the coffee pot.

Bob Koerner discussed an excellent article on conservation and paintings of flowers in a 1930's National Geographic Magazine. Left to Right - Russ Schultz - drinking coffee, Val Bohaty, Joe Kuenning, Bob Koerner, Norm Helizer and Norm Kempf.

Steve Stover, Vice Chairman - blue shirt and Bill Gubser getting in their order for quality food.

Chairman, Norm Kempf and Lou Buller discussing grandkids and current events.

Wayne Liesemeyer, a past Chairman and Don Hoppes enjoying good food and sharing stories.

Dave Langemeier briefs Harold Ullsperger on a SWCS golf tournament that he is coordinating in August.

Norm Kempf in action during business meeting part of the breakfast.

Val Bohaty -- standing reporting on a recent SWCS Nebraska meeting and vacation to Colorado.

Donna Zable, one of our new members - center and Charling Woodside to left are enjoying retirement after working in the Lincoln Federal Building for a number of years - - Donna - National Soil Survey Center; Charline - Midwest Regional Office.

Lester Williams, also a new retiree and Janis Eno both have excellent past working experiences in the National Soil Survey Laboratory.