Pictures and captions by Jim Culver
Chairman Joe Kuenning calls the November 16th, 2005 meeting of the Lincoln Soil Conservation Service Retirees Breakfast Club to order.

Bill Hance announcing he is getting married in December of this year. Congratulations Bill !!!

Left to right: Paul Bartlett, Norm Helizer, Clint Johnson and Gus Dornbusch discussing current day events.

Gus Dornbusch (right), President Elect of the Association of Retirees SCS Employees visiting with Clint Johnson of upcoming national activities.

Henry “Hank” Mount reported on his very rewarding recent experience of volunteer work of about three weeks in Louisiana assisting with national effort of the Katrina Hurricane clean up.

Food has Arrived !!!

Charline Woodside, (front) Chris Chapman and Sylvia Kempf discussing the day’s activities.

Dave Langemeier (left) and Steve Stover discussing the SWCS scholarship awards for 2005.

Bob Korener (left) and Don Hoppes enjoying after breakfast discussion of Nebraska football!!!