November 2010 - Breakfast in Lincoln, NE

Tony Vrana and Lorn Dunningon -- Great color
coordination on their selection of what to wear for the day!!

Steve Scheinost, Norm and Linda Helzer

Acticvity photo

Jim Harder, Chairman and Margaret Hitz

Dave and Sandy Langemeier

Donna and Gus Dornbusch

Jim Culver and Mike Stout

Pete and Drois Jensen

Margaret Hitz, Charline Woodside and Chris Chapman

Chris Chapman, Maxine and Mike Stout

Norm and Syliva Kempf

Bill Hance and Mike Stout

Paul Smith - Standing and Breakfast Coordinator

Jan Eno on right

Bill & Mrs. Hance & Bob MacLaughalin

Bob MacLauchlan, Keith Sheets & Mary alice & Norm Kempf

Bob, Helen Stewart & Charline Woodside

Chris Chapman (standing), Jim & Mrs. Harder & Elaine

Dave & Sandy Langemeier

Frances King, Steve & Mrs. Stover

Harold & Gladys Ullsperger

Janet Eno

Norm Helzer

Norm Helzer, Steve Schienost, Donna Dornbusch, Jim Culver, Dave Camper

Paul Smith, Donna Dornbusch & Gus

Paul Smith, Gus Dornbusch & Joe Kenney

Pete & Doris Jensen, Steve & Mrs. Stover, Frances King

Vern Dvorak, Don Manley

Vern Dvorak