2009 Pennsylvania Meeting

On Monday September 14, 2009, 59 retired SCSers with family met in the Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church which was built in the 1790s.   The church originated in 1748 with services held in a crude log structure.   It was located a couple miles east of the present site near the cemetary.   Families would bring stones to church services from the various family farms for use in constructing the new church.   The new church has been extensively remodelled a few times with electricty added in 1942.   It was used as a hospital in July of 1863 during and after the Civil War battle of Gettysburg.

Pennsylvania's NRCS State Conservationist, Craig Derickson, talked about recent happenings in the agency.

John Mickley thanked THE LORD for a beautiful day and asked him to bless our food.

Attending were: Munk and Mo Munkittrick, Bobby and Donna Rakestraw, John and Ellen Mank, Don and Shirley Lindsey, Wes and Kathy Gordon, Bob and Carol Heidecker, Lee and Jean Bentz, Fred and Carol Bubb, Bill and Robin Branigan, Jim and Marie Olson, Bill and Mary Ann Bowers, Pat Cecil, John and Donna Mickley, Tom and Audry Balthaser, Harvey and Vicki Pinkerton, Ted Ifft, John and Ann Akers, Francis and Joyce Licsko, Owen Lee and Karen Johnston (daughter), Frank and Jane Resides, Sam and Mary Ellen Young, James and Barb Bistline, Tim Murphy, Duane Pysher, Phillip and Alice Sheets, Dale and Rose Marie Updegraff, Neil and Eleanor Bogner, Alan and Judy Wood, Harold and Marie Wingard, Wayne and Phyllis Ray, and PA State Conservationist, Craig Derickson attended with his wife.