TEXAS Annual Reunions at New Braunfels

APRIL 2008
Wayne Chapman (Photographer)
Sixty-nine items were up for sale this year and raised just over $3,000 for the scholarship fund.   Over $32,000 has been raised for scholarships over the years.
Marion Porter has led this effort each year.
Ricardo Rodriguez and James Abbott view old photographs
Rhett Johnson is a retired SCS'er who's brother, Van Johnson (holding the michrophone), has provided the music following the memorial service for the last several years.
Van also paints and donates a picture each year.
Marian Vanderstucken won the walking stick, and will put it to good use. The stick was made from Colorado Aspen by Wayne Chapman's brother, Garland Chapman.
Marion's husband, Alfred, a retired TX AC watches.

APRIL 2007
Part of the hard working reunion committee
Earnest Shillenberg, long time TX SCS Personnel Officer & Don Newman
Chowing down at the Grismill
Pat Chapman and Ruth Adams at the Grismill in Old Town Gruene
James Abbott, Wayne Chapman, & Wilson Moon
The crowd awaiting the memorial service
A kiss from Miss Ag Worker turns Arnold's face red
Picture by Van Johnson. This years raffle brings our scholarship total to $29,000

APRIL 2004
Wayne Chapman

The 2002 Texas Reunion

This was year nine for the annual Texas SCS/NRCS Reunion held in New Braunfels at the Schlitterbahn Resort on April 23 and 24, 2002.   Betty Lewis and Barbara Perritte make sure that everyone gets registered and knows the schedule of activities   Our attendance was very good, but down slightly from previous years.   The weather in New Braunfels was picture perfect and things went very smooth.   We had about 195 present, with 17 first time attendees.   There were 32 outstanding raffle items for sale with the raffle yielding almost $2,500.00 for the scholarship fund.   If you would like to make a contribution to the scholarship fund email Charles Thompson .   We will be granting three, $1,000.00 scholarships this year through the Texas FFA Foundation.   Betty Lewis, wife of Jimmy Lewis brought the memorial service program and Gene Jones was the song leader.   A few pictures will show some of the attendees.

Charlie Thompson and Earl Blakely discuss Aggie Muster Day!

Marion Porter and friends

James Abbott, and friends

Carrol Adams, Bernie Owen and Harland Johnston

Joe McEntire, Harry Rucker, Dorothy Rucker and Jo Anne Griffin with back to camera

Pictures by Wayne Chapman, and story by Charles Thompson

The 2001 Texas Reunion

This was year eight for our group.   We have met at the Schlitterbahn Resort in New Braunfels from the beginning.   Their facilities are ideal for our group, the weather in New Braunfels is generally very good this time of year, and the resort provides a warm welcome.   Our meeting starts on Tuesday afternoon and ends shortly after lunch on Wednesday.

We meet for the purpose of visiting and just having a good time, and the 214 people that attended certainly did have fun.   Don Newman (Don serves on our planning committee) and Pete Wright spinning "war stories".   Our only structured part is the luncheon on Wednesday followed by a short memorial service.   We have no elected officers.   The group runs on volunteer help by several people we call our "planning committee".

Several years ago we decided to raise funds for the mailing expenses and other minor costs involved with keeping the meeting going.   As it turned out, we were raising a significant amount of money and decided to develop a scholarship program.  
We have granted several $1,000 dollar scholarships.   Shown here is Barbara Perritte(on right), our chairperson for this years meeting; and Marie Gwaltney(on left), a student at Texas A & M, who was our scholarship winner this past year.   This year we will be granting three $1,000 awards.   We have recently developed an arrangement with the Texas FFA Association to handle the administrative part of these awards.

Our fund raising has been with the raffle of hand crafted items brought to the meeting by our attendees.   Marion Porter, shown here, chairs the Raffle and is counting the money at the end of this years meeting.   The program is very popular, and we get really fantastic items to sell.   A few of the items are visible in the background.   MANY THANKS to Marion and ALL contributors!!

This past year we developed a SCS/NRCS Retirees Cookbook which we are offering for sale, to further fund the scholarship program.   The cook book project was chaired by Barbara Perritte.   Thanks Barbara!   To buy a cook book email
Charles Thompson .   The cost of a single cook book is $10.00.   Ask Charlie about volume discounts.

A part of the group is shown with Paul Larson in the left center of the picture.
I cannot identify the lady he is visiting with, but it isn't his wife!

Pictures by Wayne Chapman, and story by Charles Thompson