Picture by Jim Cooper
West Virginia's Annual Meeting June 8, 2006

A great time was had by all 29 who attended our 3rd Annual Get-Together at the Eat'NPark in Bridgeport, WV, Thursday, June 8th.   Jim Canterberry (who honored us by coming all the way from North Carolina), Jim Michael, Rollin Swank, Maurice Allman, Jim Cooper and Ed Talbott gave reports on some of their activities in retirement.   Ed Talbott gave a provocative report on his activities in promoting switch grass as a source of oil.   More on that in the next national newsletter.   Betty Ball read an emotional letter from Judy Fairbanks, outlining events on the day of Terry's death.   She also read "memory" items from HSC Ross Mellinger and regrets from some folks who were unable to attend.

Attending were:   Maurice Allman, Quentin P. Bennett, Lynn and Karen Shutts, Jim and Molly Bonar, Rollin and Helen Swank, Jim and Nancy Cooper, Sull A. McCartney, Don and Carrie Wetsch, Don Dodd, Shelia Blemont, Harvey and Patricia Mitchell, Joan Hinkle, Edward Talbott, Dave and Patty Burns, Jim and Becki Canterberry, Frank and Joyce Mash, (Joyce is Jimmy Lytton's sister), Jim and Jackie Michael, Julie Cornell, and Betty Ball.