Meetings included on this page are:
Date Meeting
June 23, 2005 WV Annual Meeting
April 2005 AZ Spring Meeting
October 2004 Nebraska's Annual "Cookout" in Lincoln
August 2004 NE retirees met in Lincoln, August 2004
August 2004 WV retirees met in Bridgeport, August 2004
May 2004 Retired South State Conservationists met at St. Augustine Beach, FL
March 2004 Arizona Retirees met at Sun City
July 2003 Meeting of Illinois SCS Retirees at Kankakee, IL.
June 11, 2003 22nd annual meeting of Kansas SCS Retirees, Wichita, Kansas.
May 20-22, 2003 Retired South State Conservationists and Friends, Gettysburg, PA
February 19, 2003 Lincoln, NE Breakfast
February 11, 2003 Illinois Retirees Visit Florida
December 2002 Mt Vernon, IL Retirees Group
December 2002 North Carolina Breakfast
October 15, 2002 Kentucky Annual Mtg.
September 12, 2002 Missouri Annual Mtg.
Sept 2002 Southern Illinois Mtg.
June 5, 2002 Bradley, IL Mtg.
May 15, 2002 Greenwood, IN Annual Mtg.
March 14, 2002 Spring at Sun City, AZ
February 12, 2002 IL reunion in Venice, FL
2001 Sailing from Nova Scotia to MD by Seinwill and Talbot
October 16, 2001 KY Annual Mtg at Natural Bridge State Park
Sept. 20-21, 2001 Alabama's Fall Meeting in Selma
Sept. 19, 2001 September breakfast Lincoln, NE
Sept. 13, 2001 Annual reunion at Sedalia, MO
July 21, 2001 NY Annual Mtg at Seneca Lake State Park
May 10-12, 2001 Retired South State Conservationists and Friends, Little Rock, AR
March 6-7, 2000 Golf get together at Bartow, FL
February 15, 2000 Illinois Retirees Meet at Plantation Club, FL
February 8, 2000 Tour of CCC Museum in Sebring, FL

WV West Virginia retirees meet at Flatwoods   June 2005 WV

Our 2nd Annual WV Retirees' luncheon, held Thursday, June 23rd, at Shoney's in Flatwoods, WV, was a most enjoyable event. We were privileged to have Ronald L. Hilliard, new WV State Conservationist, join us and tell a bit of his background and career, as well as give an overview of current NRCS programs. Also attending were Joan Hinkle, Connie Payne, Avanell Young, Donald L. Dodd, Shelia Belmont, Harold and Bernie Kessel, Sull A. McCartney, Freddie and Alsie Fields, Jim and Molly Bonar, Shirley R. Austin, Dee Weston, Glen Betler, Don and Carrie Wetsch, Rollin and Helen Swank, Lynn and Karen Shutts, Jim and Mary Clevenger, Jim and Nancy Cooper, Mike and Ginn King, Dave Burns, Maurice L. Allman, Willis Ridenour and Betty Ball.

Regrets but greetings were read from Mike Blaine (MO), Jim Lytton (UT), Jim Canterberry (NC), Bill Roth (KS), David Ralston (VA), Neil Bogner (VA), James Bennett (FL/OH), Jim Thorn (WV) and Ross Mellinger (WV).

Rollin Swank reminded the group that this was the 20th anniversary of the devastating flood in the eastern part of West Virginia and he wanted to thank everyone for their going the extra mile during that time. He said he would never forget his shock at seeing the results of this flood when he entered Petersburg the morning after. He and others then told humorous anecdotes from their work in West Virginia. Sull McCartney brought down the house with his "squirrel" tale. Ross Mellinger (SC) couldn't attend because he is recovering from pneumonia (took the shot, didn't work) but did send a delightful tale of finding "Elmer" (a mid-40's SCS exercise) and finding "Elmer's" cider barrel. Thanks to all who made this such an enjoyable afternoon.

A bonus at the luncheon was the receipt of two applications for ARSCSE membership as well as issuance of an ARSCSE brochure to a prospective member.
  Story by Betty Ball and picture by Jim Cooper

AZ Arizona retirees meet at Sun City   March 2005 AZ

The Arizona ARSCSE Spring Luncheon was held March 15, 2005 at the Old Country Buffet near Sun City.   Those in attendance were Warren Fitzgerald, Jim and Wilma Newman, Bill and Lucille Lloyd, Loren and Alma Elliott, Ed Nurmi, and Verne and Carolyn Bathurst.

The highlight of the meeting was remarks by David McKay, Arizona’s new NRCS State Conservationist. David transferred from the position of Branch Chief for Conservation Planning in NRCS National Headquarters. His participation in our meeting was a rare treat in that he has been deeply involved at the national level in the strategies of aligning NRCS to meet emerging needs. It is obvious to we “old dogs of the distant past” that the complexity of current time and technology has passed us by! Arizona is indeed fortunate to have Dave leading the organization at this particular point of time.

Each individual spoke of their recent activities and experiences. It is quite apparent that retirement is, as it should be, a logical and very interesting and productive extension of successful careers.

Jim and Wilma Newman reported on some of the events at Wickenburg, the Dude Ranch Capitol of Arizona.

Bob Crawford former Arizona SRC sent word that they have moved to Chandler, NC.

Loren Elliott reported that Paul “Jake” Jacobson who remained in Sandpoint, ID this winter had celebrated his 95th Birthday in October. Ed Nurmi recently celebrated his 92nd birthday.

It is apparent that Bill Lloyd set a record in his career having been the top SCS Forester in each of the Regional Offices and then chief Forester in the National SCS Headquarters. Talk about covering the territory!

Carolyn and Verne Bathurst reported on a recent family reunion at Sedona, AZ. Their children scheduled the reunion to celebrate Verne’s upcoming 80th birthday. For some reason their children and families do not choose to come to Arizona in the summer on the actual summer birthday date of June 6,2005! As the others enjoyed the beautiful red rock scenery, Carolyn and Verne luxuriated in the various spa treatments available at the Enchantment Resort.

All of we ARSCSE members across the nation should be extremely grateful to you officers, and other leaders, who are listed in the Masthead of each ARSCSE NEWSLETTER. All give very freely of their time and their talents on our behalf in the preservation and continuation of the things to which we all dedicated our professional lives. Special kudos go to Secretary/Treasurer Neil Bogner and to Mike Nethery NEWSLETTER editor for their constant and continual efforts.

I had the occasion to visit with Don Williams during in the later months of his life. We were reminiscing about those events and accomplishments which were important and significant to him. He said that this organization, which would carry on the legacy of the Soil Conservation Service, was high on his list of things about which he was the proudest. Don could not have imagined, in his wildest hopes, how successful ARSCSE would be. Thanks to all of you who have and have had leadership roles in making ARSCSE the great organization that it is.
  Story by Verne Bathurst

NE Annual "Cookout" in Lincoln, NE - - October 27, 2004 NE
Lincoln Retiree's Annual "Cookout" Breakfast on October 27, 2004, was held at the First Lutheran church.   Years ago it actually was a cookout but as we all got older, it was brought inside.   You will recognize Gus and Donna Dornbusch on the first picture along with Sylvia Kempf.   The other picture "features" a picture of JoAnne Thiele, who was awarded the ARSCSE President's Award by Bob Eddleman recently for Outstanding Community Service.   She is serving as the ARSCSE, State Representative.

  Story and pictures by Tony Vrana

NE Breakfast in Lincoln, NE - - August 18, 2004 NE

35 members attended the monthly summer meeting.

Left to Right – Keith Myers – former State and Regional Soil Cnservationists, Bill Hance – former State Resource Soil Conservationists (white shirt & tie), Mike Stout- former Midwest Regional Soil Correlator Leader and Regional Soil Conservationists, and Dick Johnson- former Midwest Regional Soil Interpretations Leader. Bill reported that he had just returned from his 13th volunteer trip to teach in Russia.

Left to Right – Wayne Liesemeyer, JoAnne Thiele, Kay Westerman, Charline Woodside and Janis Eno.   Janis is distributing a note on a retirement coffee at the Federal Building for Bonnie Kadavy- Administrative Asssistant - Northern Plains Regional Office and Bob Grossman, Research Soil Scientist- National Soil Survey Center.   Bonnie and Bob collectively have over 80 years of Federal Service with the SCS and NRCS.

Left to Right – Russ Schultz, Don Hoppes, Bob Koerner and Pete Jensen check out the breakfast menu.

Chris Chapman- second from left signing the sign-in sheet for the meeting.   Chris recently returned from an Australia trip to visit with her son and grandchildren.

Loyal Quandt on left and Dave Langemeire on right (red shirt) head up a very busy table discussing various travel trips and activities. Dave reported he had recently made a hole-in one on NO. 17 at the local Pioneer Golf Course. His First !! Congratulations Dave !!

Left to Right – Joe Kuenning- Vice Chairman, Wayne Liesemeyer – Chairman and Jo Anne Thiele – Secretary-Treasure lead in conducting the activities of the Lincoln Soil Conservation Service Retirees Breakfast Club. Jo Anne was recognized nationally at the SWCS annual meeting in MN this year for her outstanding work as a volunteer.
  Story and pictures by Jim Culver

WV West Virginia retirees meet at Bridgeport   August 2004 WV

Our first annual reunion of WV SCS/NRCS retirees was held at the Eat'NPark restaurant in Bridgeport, WV, on Wednesday, August 25th, and was a most joyful occasion.

Attending on a beautiful summer day for fellowship and food were: (seated left to right)
Also attending, but not in the picture were: CONNIE PAYNE,   ALSIE FIELDS,   DON WETSCH,   BERNIE KESSEL, and NEIL BOGNER.

There was a lot of "Remember whens" and "You haven't changed a bit" from these folks, some of whom hadn't been together in 10 or 15 years. What a wonderful gathering.

NEIL BOGNER brought copies of the latest Newsletter and a supply of ARSCSE membership applications and told of advantages to belonging to ARSCSE. Thank you, NEIL. Thanks also go to MAURICE ALLMAN for his help in getting the meeting room and providing the map of directions used in the invitation.

Regrets were sent by JIM CANTERBERRY, WARREN (JIM) LYTTON, ART HOLLAND, ROSS MELLINGER (SC), KEITH SCHMUDE and DIXIE SHREVE. Their comments on the time they spent working in West Virginia were read to the group by BETTY BALL.   MARIA HOPKINS (widow of BARKER) had planned to attend but instead sent her regrets by phone because she had to undergo tests preparatory to upcoming gall bladder surgery. Next time, MARIA.
  Story by Betty Ball and pictures by Jim Cooper

Retired South State Conservationists
May 10-13, 2004

Thirty-six retirees, wives, friends and relatives met May 10-13 in St Augustine Beach, Florida.   Hosted by Bill Austin and capably assisted by Edna Firor (pictured to the right), the group enjoyed golf, shopping, eating and visiting.   Next years meeting will be held in Texas and hosted by Rocky and Del Rockenbaugh.

The "Golf Classic" was won???? by the team of Ernie Todd, Craig Right, Billy Milliken and Munk Munkittrick.   Craig, Munk, and Ernie it's good to see that you found another RINGER this year!!!
Ed Nelson, Barbara Garrett, Betty Milliken, Billy Milliken, Pat (Mrs. Paul) Larson, and Sue Halstead.
Picture and story by Bob Halstead.

AZ Arizona retirees meet at Sun City   March 2004 AZ

The spring Arizona ARSCSE luncheon was held in Sun City, Arizona on, March 26, 2004.   Warren Fitzgerald arranged the meeting. Those attending were: Art Cratty, Mel and Marilyn Davis, Loren & Alma Elliott, Warren Fitzgerald, Leonard Jurgens, Jim and Wilma Newman, Gary & Jayne Nordstrom, Ed Nurmi, Nina Stratton, Mike Somerville (AZ, NRCS STC), George Couch (AZ NRCS Public Affairs Specialist), and Verne Bathurst.

Mike Somerville discussed the current NRCS organizational structure. Somehow it seems to us old timers that, after years of reorganizations that the current organizational structure is beginning to sound a lot like that of the olden days! His discussion of currently authorized programs, while different from those we knew so well, have given present employeesa good set of tools to tackle the current soil, water, and plant conservation and development challenges. He spoke of the added NRCS authorities and increased funding. This places NRCS in a good position to make important progress. He introduced George Couch, the newly assigned AZ NRCS Public Affairs Specialist who will bring his talents to bear on acquainting the public with the various new NRCS programs in Arizona.

Those retirees in attendance reported on their recent “doings”.
Mel & Marilyn Davis will return to North Dakota in early May. They spent the winter in their home in Yuma, AZ. Their time seems to be occupied more and more with company visits to doctor’s offices and very little golf!!

Gary & Jayne Nordstrom reported that their son David visited them in February before he was deployed for a tour of duty in the mountains of Afghanistan. They have traveled to Spokane, WA; Minneapolis, MN; Branson, MO; and Las Vegas, NV.

Leonard Jurgens retired from SCS in 1994 as State Range Conservationist in Colorado. Before coming to Arizona, he spent part of his retirement in Emporia, Kansas where he had previously worked as a Range Conservationist for area Southeastern Kansas including the famous Bluestem Flint Hills.

Jim & Wilma Newman will celebrate 10 years of retirement on April 1. Jim says that retirement is going very well for them! They spent 3 months of last summer RVing in Canada and the Alaska Highway. They highly recommend fishing at Valdez, Homer, and the Kenai River near Soldotna in Alaska. An indication of their successes is the fact that they came home with 3 cases of canned salmon and a freezer full of red salmon and halibut. Jim says that if Louie Buller would list has email address in the Directory, he has some “bear stories“ to swap with him since they were in Alaska at the same time.

Loren Eliot reported that both Dan Lindquist and Gerald Walker watershed engineers in Iowa, and former colleagues of Loren’s, passed away.

Verne & Carolyn Bathurst have stayed a little closer to home of late but will be “hitting the trail” to California for Easter, to Atlanta in May, to Colorado and Kansas for reunions in June, to Chicago in September, and to Louisville, KY in early October. Verne is heavily involved at the Westminster Village Retirement Complex having been elected President of the 320 member Residents’ Association. They are in the process of updating and remodeling the facilities which include 250 Independent Living units and 60 Skilled Nursing units. Fifty Assisted Living units are being added. The end result will be facilities and services to provide for the full range of living and health care needs. Carolyn serves on the W. V. Foundation Board which provides college scholarships for employees and for other needs.
  Story and pictures by Verne Bathurst

IL Illinois retirees meet at Kankakee   July 2003 IL

In the front row are June Mitchell, Gene Mitchell and Marylin Smith.   In the back row are Jean Leonard, Jerry Leonard and Bob Smith.
  Story by Bob Smith and Ron Gebhardt

KS Kansas Retirees meet   June 11, 2003 KS

The 22nd annual meeting of the Kansas SCS Retirees was held in Wichita, Kansas on Wednesday, June 11, 2003.   Thirty five former employees, spouses, and guests were in attendance for the banquet and program.
Following the banquet, Granville Davidson, President of the Retirees Association, spoke briefly on our organization.   He reported that eight former employees had died this past year.   Their names were recognized and they were remembered by a moment of silence.
Davidson then introduced the speaker for the evening.   Bob Gress, Director of the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita presented an excellent program on the wildlife of the Great Plains.   His program included slides of the various common and rare species found in this large geographical area.   At the end of his presentation, he introduced us to a great horned owl that had been rescued by the Center approximately 22 years ago and Grees noted how this bird is used extensively in educational programs in schools.
Two new members were recognized as joining ARSCSE by Tom Badger, State Representative.   Those new members are Charles Gentry, Salina, and Loren Pearson, Hays.   Badger encouraged all retirees who are not members of ARSCSE to consider joining.   Several in attendance noted the excellent newsletter and directory that are published.
Forrest (Frosty) Talcott was recognized as the oldest retiree in attendance and Vern Bathurst, Arizona was recognized as having traveled the furthest.
  Story by Tom Badger

Retired South State Conservationists and Friends
May 20-22, 2003

The retired South State Conservationists and their friends met in Gettysburg, Pa., May 20-22.   Forty one retirees and their wives joinned together for food, golf, drinks and lots of conversation.   Our hosts were Munk and Mo Munkittrick.
The golf tournament, held May 20th in Dillsburg, PA was won by Craig Right, Graham Munkittrick, Frank Scudder, and Ernie Todd.
Picture and story by Bob Halstead and Warren Lee

NE Breakfast in Lincoln, NE   Feb. 19, 2003 NE

Forty-three attended the SCS Retirees Breakfast in Lincoln, NE on February 19th.   Many came armed with interesting winter travel stories.   Here are some pictures from that meeting.

Many of you will recognize Keith Meyers on a couple of them, and Norm Helzer, the ARSCSE State Representative, is holding up his hand with two fingers giving the V sign.   Norm has spent some time in Japan, and he says that is what everyone does over there when they get their picture taken.

Gus Dornbusch, our Regional ARSCSE Vice President, is down on his farm in Kansas, but his wife Donna is in the pictures. The Dornbusch's and the Norm Kempf's are going to China next month.

  Pictures and story by Tony Vrana

IL Illinois Retirees Visit Florida   Feb. 11, 2003 IL

  Pictures by Ed Nelson

IL Mt Vernon, Illinois Retirees Group IL

Picture from Bob Smith

NC North Carolina Breakfast NC
Retirees from the North Carolina State Staff held a breakfast December 2002.   Attending were (from left to right): Dick Gallo, Jim Canterberry, Rex Tracy, Coy Garrett, Dennis Berkstresser, John Garrett, Emmet Waller, Bob Horton, Harry Gibson.

Picture by John Garrett

KY Kentucky retirees meet at State Park KY
The KY SCS/NRCS retirees had their annual meeting at Barren River State Park on October 15.   The highlight of the entire session was probably the opportunity to eat dinner together and visit on the night of October 14th, by the participants who chose to arrive early and stay overnight at the Park.

There were 22 retirees attending and with spouses and guests, the total crowd was over 40.   Many "tall tales" of the past were recounted at the Tuesday night gathering as well as at the Wednesday meeting.   Chairman Archie Gragg conducted the meeting and everyone was given the opportunity to introduce themselves and make whatever comments they liked.   It was discovered that Bob Hoover, Brad Thomas, L. J. Nothern, Billy Benson and their respective spouses had all been married over fifty years.

A listing of retirees who had died since our last meeting included Willard Lovan, Oliver McWorter, George Williams and an active NRCS Resource Soil Scientist, Bruce Waters.

The newsletter was discussed and it was decided to have only one issue each year along with a notice of the annual meeting.

Kenneth Overholts, KY President of NARFE informed the group about several issues the organization is actively working on to benefit retirees.

David Sawyer, NRCS State Conservationist, told us about staffing changes and NRCS responsibilities in the new farm bill. He suggested that some retirees might want to consider gearing up to do some contracting work for the agency.   Sawyer also discussed the new NRCS Chief, Bruce Knight.   A native of North Dakota, Knight has worked with the National Wheat Growers, the National Corn Growers and former Kansas Sen. Robert Dole's staff.

It was announced that officers for the next year would be Billy Benson, President, Frank Scudder, Vice President, Bob Hoover, Sec. and Treasurer and Bill Johnson, ARSCSE Representative and Newsletter Editor. The 2003 meeting will be held at General Butler State Park at Carrollton.

Story by Bill Johnson, KY Representative

MO Missouri retirees Meet MO

Group picture of 66 retirees and guests at the 15th annual statewide meeting of retirees. The luncheon was held September 12, 2002 at Best Western State Fair Motor Inn, Sedalia, Missouri.

John McCarthy (right), with the assistance of Dave Rastorfer (left) will be the hosts for the 2003 meeting, which will be held on September 11.

Attendees over 80 years old who attended the meeting are shown below from left to right: Mel Thompson, Albert Hayter, Harold Turrell, George Hayes, Bill Broce, and Warren George.

Pictures and story by Jack Walker

IL Southern Illinois retirees Meet IL

The Southern Illinois retires have met quarterly for the past several years.   The group is chaired by Dwight Esarey.   Present at their September 2002 meeting were: Dwight Esarey, Buck Morris, Harold Magnuson, Jesse Keller, Bob Basinger, John Watkins, Tom McGuire, Glynn and Marge Shubert, Bill Mestal and Bill and Billie Pohl.

Story by Bob Smith

IL Illinois retirees have LUNCH IL

On June 5, five SCS retirees and wives met at Bradley, Illinois for lunch.   A great fellowship and good time was had by all.   Thanks to Gene Mitchell for making the arrangements.
Photo: Front Row: Mathra Jones, June Mitchell, Jean Leonard and Maryllin Smith.
Back Row: Ron Gebhardt, Kenneth Jones, Gene Mitchell, Jerry Leonard and Bob Smith.

Story by Bob Smith

IN Indiana retirees hold Annual Meeting IN

Sixty-six retirees, spouses, friends and guests were in attendance at Jonathan Byrd’s Cafeteria in Greenwood, Indiana for the annual luncheon and meeting on May 15, 2002.   Attending were Bob and Naomi Belcher, David Berna, Eli and Marilyn Bloom, Bob and Jane Bollman, Cliff Cox, Wilbur and Dorothy Crain, Jerome and Evelyn Daugherty, Leon and Ruth Davis, Bob Eddleman, Max and Joy Evans, Wayne and Diana Foust, Franklin and Delores Furr, Charlie and Joan Gossett, Bob and Kate Gray, John Holmes, John Kempton, Ron and Betty Kerrigan, Rose Marie Kiebel and guest Jim Kemp, Harold Kracht, Paul Lucas, Richard Mack, Bob and Mary Martin, William and Colleen Martin, Jim and Lillian McCall, Clara McElwain, Tom and Katherine Montgomery, Bert and Imogene Moore, Joe and Joyce Peden, Tom and Bert Pugh, Ken and Julie Pyle, John Robbins Jr., Frank Sanders, Dick Schafer, Fremont Schoeck, Fred Sisk, Dan Smith, Bill Swern, Earl Terpstra, Lola Thompson, Chris Tippie, Don Wall, Al and JoAnn Wetzel, Don Wilson, and Willie Wilson.
Story by Charlie Gossett

Arizona ARSCSE Luncheon on 3.14.02
Warren Fitzgerald arranged our spring luncheon at the Old Country Buffet at Sun City.   By way of introductions, I first asked each of the women to introduce herself and tell about the most memorable experience she had in connection with the "Soil Conservation Service Experience."   That was interesting as not all memorable experiences were necessarily positive nor what we males would have reported!   Then each man told of his most satisfying experience while working in the SCS.   Of all of the traits of a successful SCS family, one of the most successful and most evident was the ability "roll with the punch" or as the saying goes "If God gives you lemons, just start making lemonade!"   That SCS'ers obviously did with so much perfection.

Among those attending were: Verne and Carolyn Bathurst, Jim and Gloria Doughty, Loren Elliott, Warren and Rita Fitzgerald, Bill and Lucille Lloyd, Harry Maker, John Mott, Jim and Wilma Newman, Gary and Jayne Nordstrom, Ed Nurmi, Doug Pease, Roger and Margaret Sharp.

Verne and Carolyn Bathurst continue to enjoy the ease of living and the amenities of Westminster Village, their Scottsdale retirement complex. A trip to Mission Viejo, CA to visit a son and family in December rounded out last year. Trips to Kansas, to Kentucky, to Michigan, to California, and to other locations lie ahead now that winter is about over and the frost starting to melt on the North side of our Scottsdale residence.

Jim and Wilma Newman have been living in Wickenburg, AZ since October 1998. They continue to spend summers at the old "Homestead " in Montana living in their RV. They will be leaving for Montana in 2 weeks with a detour via Fort Sumpter, South Carolina where their son works for the National Park Service.

Doug and Sophia Pease celebrated their 50th anniversary in June 2001. They are active in their church and in the Gideon International. Doug is serving his third year as president of the Arizona Association of the Widen which distributes Bibles. Doug has a small firm which provides soils consulting services. Doug and Sophia have been teaching English as a foreign language each summer for the past several years in either Hungary or Lithuania. They will be going again in June 2002.

Bill and Lucille Lloyd continue spending winters in Arizona and summers in Idaho; a combination which is hard to beat! Bill sings Baritone in Barbershop Quartets. During the summer he is with the Twin Falls, Idaho "Magichords" and during the winters in AZ he sings with the Leisure World barbershop Chorus and a quartet known as "The Valley Aries" [Note: One must assume that Bill sang while he was working among the trees during his SCS career and whether that singing enhanced or hindered tree growth!] Their three sons live in Jerome. ID; Rockville, MD; and Snoqualmie, WA. Bill and Lucille are kept busy trying to keep up with their twelve grandchildren and their families scattered from coast to coast.

Roger and Margaret Sharp just moved to Mesa, Arizona full time from Kansas and Iowa. They enjoy golf and bridge.

Harry Maker retired in 1968 as SCS State Soil Scientist in New Mexico and was then employed by New Mexico State University for 5 years. He moved to Ahwatukee in the Phoenix area in 1973 and has recently moved to Friendship Village, a retirement complex in Tempe.

Loren Elliott is still heavily involved in the reunions of his WW II Navy vessel. His wife sings in Mixed Chorus presentations.

John and Anna Marie Mott spent a week at Christmas in Littleton, CO and in Ft. Collins with a daughter and her children.

Jim and Gloria Doughty have been full time RVers since Jim retired as SCS State Resource Conservationist in 1994. They enjoy this lifestyle as it allows them to visit with former SCS coworkers. They usually spend the summers as Campground Hosts at a campground near the Atlantic City/South Pass area of West Central Wyoming.

Story by Verne Bathurst

IL Illinois retirees celebrate in Florida FL

An Illinois retiree luncheon was held February 12, 2002 at the Plantation Golf & Country Club, Venice, Florida. Those attending included L to R; Lee Bridgman, Howard Busch, Marilyn & Bob Smith, Earl & Barbara Voss, Bob & Betty Craft, Ruth & Lyle Palmer and Ken & Elizabeth Hinckley. There was lots of conversation and relived memories and a great lunch enjoyed by all. A date was set for next years luncheon. It will be February 11, 2003 at the same location. So if you are an Illinois SCS or NRCS retiree or an employee who worked closely with Illinois you are welcome. Just let Lee Bridgman know you plan to attend at
Story by Nancy Bridgman

KY ANNUAL MEETING at Natural Bridge State Park, KY KY

The KY retirees got together at Natural Bridge State Park on Oct. 15th. for their eighth annual meeting.   About 44 retirees, spouses and guests attended.   Many of those attending were at the Park the afternoon before and spent the night.   This opportunity to visit and renew old friendships is really the highlight of all of the meetings.   While there, I found out that our current president, Glenn Kelly and his wife Rosalee had spent 3 weeks in New Zealand and Australia.   Paul Love and his wife Joyce had also taken a nice trip to the European countries including Germany and Russia.

Arlin Barton, a former SCS soil scientist from Russellville received a nice tribute during the meeting.   John Jones, assistant state conservationist for NRCS presented Barton with a beautiful plaque and an engraved clock for his volunteer service to the conservation districts of Logan County.   It is estimated that Barton has donated almost 11,000 hours to natural resource work since his retirement in 1988.

Neither, our 2002 president Archie Gragg nor secretary/treasurer Bob Hoover could attend.   Archie had illness in his family and Bob himself was ill.   In their absence, past president Ray Johnson distributed gold coins to three qualifying as Junior Statesmen.   Eddie Wood, H. A. Wallace and Wilmer Halcombe have all turned 75.   Eddie Huffman got another coin for being the oldest retiree in attendance.   Eddie is 87 and going strong.

Our group has a tradition for meeting at KY's state parks which we feel are the nation's finest.   President elect Gragg has already made arrangements for next year's meeting to be at Barren River State Park near Glasgow. The group accepted a proposal from president Billy Benson to hold the 2003 meeting at General Butler State Park near Carrolton.

Story by William S. Johnson

AL Alabama's Fall Meeting in Selma AL

The fall 2001 retirees meeting was in Selma, Alabama on September 20-21.   Twenty-three retirees and spouses enjoyed good food and fellowship together.   Excellent overnight accommodations were provided by the historic and newly refurbished St. James Hotel.   We enjoyed our Thursday evening meal together at Mac's Fish Camp, a few miles out of Selma on the banks of the Alabama River.   After dinner, we enjoyed playing cards and dominoes and just plain visiting.

Friday morning some of the group made a field trip to David Pearce's catfish farm (1400 acres in water).   Our general meeting convened at 10:00 a.m. at Major Grumbles Restaurant in Selma.   David Pearce, a state leader in catfish production, gave an up-date on catfish production and shared some marketing problems with Vietnamese imports.   Jimmy Chaffin, Assistant State Conservationist for NRCS in Alabama made a report on the current status of NRCS operations and its outlook for the future.   After a short business meeting we enjoyed a delicious lunch and adjourned.   Alabama retirees will meet in Guntersville AL in April 2002 for our Spring meeting.

Those in attendance at Selma included: Jack and Peggy Reeves, Robert and Millie McNutt, James and Banks Boman, Kermit and Sue Tucker, Charlie and Margie Harper, Donald and Margie Webster, Henry and Helen Harrison, G.H. and Jean Hall, Cliff and Sara Hallmark, Philip and Mary Cornelison, Troy Bradford, and Charles and Glenda Bush.

We are saddened to report that former Area Conservationist John K Howard has died.

Alabama retirees, send me your news at 502 Overlook Drive, Opelika AL 36801 or email me at

Story by Glenda Bush

NE September Breakfast in Lincoln, NE NE
The following picture shows a few of the some 50 people that attended the September 19th breakfast at Kay's Restaurant in Lincoln, NE.

In the picture below from left to right is: Tony Vrana, ARSCSE President; Norm Helzer, newly appointed ARSCSE State Representative for Nebraska; Gus Dornbusch, ARSCSE Regional Vice-President; and Dave Langemeier, Lincoln SCS Retirees President. Tony Vrana spent a few minutes talking about ARSCSE and summarized some of the interesting activities from the national meeting at Myrtle Beach, SC

Pictures and story by Tony Vrana


Pictures by Jack Walker

The New York Retirees' Annual Meeting was held at Seneca Lake State Park, Geneva, New York on July 21, 2001.   Twenty three people had a wonderful day by the shores of Seneca Lake.   It was great seeing many of New York's Conservation Statesmen along with State Conservationist Wayne Maresch.   Not only that, we raised over $200 with the famous "pound" auction.   Even Wayne couldn't resist contributing to the cause!

Wayne Maresch listens to the Past President Harry Potter while he explains the finer points of raising lambs.   Harry treated us all to a sampling of grilled lamb steak.

Shown here are two Conservation Statesmen, Bob Donahue (Conservation Statesman), John Mott, Brad Higgins, and Bill Surrey (Conservation Statesman and Treasurer).

Kermit Kruse and President, Gordon Nesbitt comparing notes on their winter travels to the Southwest.

Erwin Rice, George Brown, Frank Hutton (Conservation Statesman), Norah Kick and Bill Kick.

Former State Conservationist, Paul Dodd and his wife, Rose Dodd enjoying the beautiful day with Harry Potter.
Pictures and story by Judy Baker

Sailors Seinwill and Talbot

Jim Talbot and Jerry Seinwill welcome a sixth crewman, Tommy Tuna, aboard "Wing," the 65-foot sloop they sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia to her homeport on lower Patuxent River.   After nine days of dragging little toy fish with hidden hooks through the ocean off Canada, Maine and New England, Jerry caught this 45-pound bluefin tuna about 80 miles off Long Island.   Jerry, a.k.a Chief Cook, served pan-seared FRESH tuna about three hours later.   (Ed. note: Fish is one with tail up, nose down.)

Retired South State Conservationists and Friends
May 10-12, 2001

Retired South State Conservationists and their friends met in Little Rock, Arkansas during May of 2001.   Participants included: George and Ellen Norris, Billy and JoAnn Griffin, Munk and Mo Munkittrick, Edna Firor, Craig and Jo Right, Rocky and Del Rockenbaugh, Mel and Marilyn Davis, Ernie and Peggy Todd, Bob and Sue Halstead, Bill and Betty Milliken, Wison and Dorothy Moon, Doug and Joan Hawkins, Coy and Barbara Garrett, George and Margaret Stone, Frank and Mary Nell Scudder, Jesse and Dorothy Hicks, Shirley Klumpe, Eddie and Norma Wood, Gene and Carrie Sullivan, Whitey and Amy Spears.

Picture and story by Bob Halstead

FL Annual BARTOW, FL Gathering (3/5&6/2000) FL

Annual Bartow gathering of SCS/NRCS retirees was held March 5th & 6th, 2000.   Monday's events included a scramble golf tournament, evening cookout, and gab fest.

Tuesday started off with more "catch up" on what everyone had been doing during the past year.   This was followed with a presentation by Florida's Assistant State Conservationist, Dick Balduzzi, to update everyone on activities of the NRCS.

The winning golf team of Craig Right, Ken Cookson, Bernard Routhier and Angela Routhier were presented by Don Butz whose team took last place.   It was Don's home course.   A midday lunch was followed with everyone relating their travels during the past year.   Locations traveled to, included countries around the globe.   This is not a stay at home group!

L to R front row:   Dick Balduzzi, Lee Bridgman, Don Butz, Howard Wilson, Mrs Wilson.    L to R:   Marie Goekowski, Jerry Goekowski, Dave Brooks, Terry Brooks, Bob Maehle, Wilbur Shisler, Nancy Maehle, Marie Shisler, Dick Marston, Phyllis Fenton, Earl Fenton, Cecil Flesher(back), Lillian Williams(middle), Sue Flesher(front), Bob Williams(back), Betty Gray, Ralph Gray, Lucy Wilson, Jo Right, and Craig Right.   Marion and Mrs. Strong did not make the picture as Marion decided to do a back flip in the bathtub and ended up in the hospital.   He was quickly released and told to take it easy for a while.   We wish him the best.

IL SCSers from Illinois visit FL (2/15/2000) FL

The Plantation Golf & Country Club was the meeting place for a group of Illinois retirees and their wives February 15, 2000.   All were snowbirds visiting Florida for the winter except for local residents Lee & Nancy Bridgman.   An excellent lunch and lots of conservation was enjoyed by all.   A good time was even made better at the expense of Howard & Sara Busch and Bob & Betty Craft when they arrived an hour late.   There was something said that they got the wrong directions to the Club House from Lee Bridgman.   Those present from Left to right: Bob & Nancy Maehle, Earl & Barb Voss, Lyle & Ruth Palmer, Marylin & Bob Smith, Howard & Sara Busch, Liz & Ken Hinkley, Betty & Bob Craft, Louice Bean & Manford Logan.   Not pictured are Lee & Nancy Bridgman.

FL SCSers Visit CCC Museum FL

Ten SCS retirees met and visited the CCC Museum in Sebring, Florida on February 8, 2000.   The group told stories about days in the CCC and of the early times in SCS.   Attendees were:  Les and Shirley Reinhardt, Les and Shirley Goke, Glen Johnson, Ann Fogle, Bob and Lillian Williams, and Buel and Delores Ferguson (the Fergusons are shown in the lower picture).

The Park was developed by CCC in 1935, with all buildings, picnic grounds, trails and dam built by CCC and maintained today in excellent condition.   A museum houses memorabilia from CCC camps from all states and does an excellent job of telling the CCC story, their work, their accomplishments, and life in the camp.
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