Illinois State Offices in Champaign
Owen Lee recalls "I worked part time at the state office during my last semester (spring of 1964) at the University of Illinois.   At that time, the state office was located on South Neil St.   After graduation, I worked in Carbondale for 1 1/2 years and Sterling for 1/2 year.   When I returned to the state in the summer of 1966, the office had moved into a renovated post office building on Church St.
There were a couple of events that I clearly remember.   When our Geologist, Lou Pierard, returned from lunch one day, he got one step into the building (through the door you see in the picture) when a BIG piece of the concrete decoration along the roof of the building crashed onto the stairs behind him.   Lou was shaken, and that afternoon, we all reflected on how fragil life is.

During the era of protests to the Viet Nam War, the draft board which was located in the basement of our building was the recipient of a smoke bomb.   When we arrived at work one Monday morning, EVERYTHING was covered with a thick coating of soot and smelled awful.   Administrative leave was given to everyone except those scheduled to go to the field.   Fortunately, I was going to the field so I did not have to miss a day of work!!!!

The current NRCS office is shown below.

Written on December 2, 2003 by Owen Lee