Late in March of 1972, technicians from all over the state of Illinois met at the Holiday Inn East in Springfield.

Information Specialist, Jerry Schwien, from the State Office in Champaign, discusses the movie “We Share This Land”.

Deputy Administrator for Management from the National Office in Washington, DC,
Dr. William R. Van Dersal speaks to the technicians concerning management and career development.

Soil Conservation Technicians, Nelson Torbeck from Vandalia, Rickie Roberson from Lake Zurick, Robert Slater from Martinsville, George Carroll from Danville, and Cliff Van Doren from Decatur made presentations on how they organize work in their work units.

Walt Zimmeric, Soil Con Tech from Olney (left) and Tom Poston, Eng Tech from Carbondale made presentations in the engineering sessions.

Ed Masterson, Civil Eng Tech from Vienna presided over the first session, Monday evening.

Rollin Swank, Area Conservationist from Kankakee tells about resource development in Northeast Illinois.

David Overholt, Deputy State Conservationist from Champaign supervised the group sessions in work organization.

Several members of the group were multi-talented????
Andy Kmetz organized the entertainment, and the following picture shows Nelson Torbeck, SCT, Vandalia on Mandolin; Gorham Pigg, Eng Tech, Hillsboro on guitar; Charlie Rankin, Eng Tech, Carmi on Steel Guitar doing a take off on “Salty Dog Rag”.

Andy Kmetz applauds his troup of performers.

   Assembled by Owen Lee   January 13, 2004