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Jack Logan, Soil Conservationist, New South Wales, Australia, reviews conservation activities in Illinois with Owen Lee, Hydrologist, Champaign, IL.   Jerry Schwien took the picture June 2, 1971.

Don McCandless, State Conservation Engineer, April 28, 1970

Bobby Stewart, Soil Scientist, works at the Morton Arboretum in Kane-DuPage Counties
on May 22, 1972.

Lee Bridgman, SCS District Conservationist, inspects tile inlet for parallel terrace system on nursery in Lake County.

Homer Kuder, Assistant State Resource Conservationist, posed on April 28, 1970.

Tyrone Goddard, Soil Scientist, works at the Morton Arboretum in Kane-DuPage Counties
on May 22, 1972.

Robert Lawson, State Conservation Agronomist, posed on April 28, 1970.

John Thompson, SCS Soil Scientist, prepares a slide set with cassette tape for use by schools in the county.   The Winnebago County Soil and Water Conservation District received a $10,000 grant to carry out environmental education activities.

Harold Poeschl, State Resource Conservationist, photographed April 6, 1970.

Rex Mapes, Soil Scientist, works at the Morton Arboretum in Kane-DuPage Counties
on May 22, 1972.

Gary Lawrence, Conservation Technician, is assigned to the Golconda Work Unit, but also works part time in Johnson County.   He came from a training location at Pinckneyville.
He has a degree in agriculture from Southern Illinois University.

R. E. "Gene" Highfill, Assistant State Conservationist for Watersheds, is being promoted and transferred to Washington, DC, June 2, 1972.   He will serve as a planning specialist in the SCS Engineering Division.

Herb Davenport is the Government Representative and head of the inspection team for construction of structures 8 and 10 in the Little Cache Watershed in Johnson County.   On August 13, 1968, Herb is using a seive shaker to analyze the materials to be used in the toe drains.   Photographer is Edward B. Trovillion.

Robert Lantz, Work Unit Conservationist, from Carthage, IL discusses conservation with Howard Busch, State Conservationist, on June 5, 1968.

David Schertz, SCS District Conservationist, checks corn residues left on the soil to protect against erosion.   The landowner who lives NW of Niantic, IL shredded stalks and chisel plowed the previous fall. nbsp His spring operation will include one disking to incorporate herbicides, planting of corn, and one cultivation if needed.

Walt Parks, Soil Scientist, with Soil Monoliths taken in Pulaski County by Bill Oschwald (Extension Soil Scientist of the University of Illinois) on September 20, 1968.   Picture was taken in Mounds, IL by Ed Pawlisch

Ed Trovillion, Work Unit Conservationist in Johnson County, explains developments of the Little Cache Watershed Project.   This project will provide flood prevention and municipal water supply for the city of Vienna, IL.   Picture was taken June 5, 1968.

Earl Voss, Assistant State Soil Scientist, from Champaign will provide guidance for the interpretation of soil survey information in Illinois.   Picture was taken on October 11, 1968.
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